Bendik Giske - CTM festival - Berlin 2019

Bendik Giske is a queer artist and saxophonist who utilises physicality, vulnerability, and endurance to solder together jazz and club music with mesmerising performance. Giske takes the building blocks of electronic music and plays it live – without layering or looping – to the best of his ability, allowing human vulnerabilities to emerge. Bendik Giske live at HAU1 in Berlin during CTM festival 2019 - Persistence. Composed and performed by Bendik Giske Performance by LEGZ aka. Julian Fricker Costume by Sasa Kovacevic and Jochen Kronier




Bon - Pantheon - Flora 4k

"We wanted to create a record using samples from recordings we created ourselves that were calm, romantic and had a natural, timeless feel. Something weathered and low-fi, but Hi-Fi and complete all at the same time. Something with the spirit of a well-loved worn-out cassette but using cutting edge production techniques. Hiss, noise and distortion are all treated here as instruments in these compositions. Asking the questions "What is quality, perfection and character and what do these words mean to us". We took our own recordings and manipulated them, letting them evolve through the technology, reflecting the cyclical and evolutionary nature of all creative processes."




The Emotion Industry

The Emotion Industry is the pairs audio visual comment on the modern digital landscape and its influence - “There is an unfathomable power to blur reality as we know it. The ability to discern what’s real and what’s not is becoming increasingly difficult - social media super computers using data points to push your buttons for manufacturing consent, Ai articles and deep fake images add to the illusion. The ability too really ‘see’ the objective reality of what’s been created is the new enlightenment” We aim to use the most modern cutting edge techniques available to us. Sometimes embracing the errors and inconsistencies in the knowledge that when the “bugs” are ironed out and the tech made smooth these errors will be lost forever. Capturing the spaces in between advancement is an essential archive to advancement. Yesterday’s idiosyncrasies are today’s nostalgia. Recorded between London, L.A, and Canada using tape and vintage analogue equipment - Emotion industry is a narrative reflecting on sense of self, and identity in the digital realm - a visual album of dream logic scored through the lens of Afro Futurism, Asian Industrial electronica, Sound System music, Post Rave and Dub. Spatial Awareness Recordings





Flutter is an experimental ambient track for acoustic cello and electronics by MIZU, from her upcoming album Forest Scenes - releasing 3/22. “Flutter” celebrates and juxtaposes themes of exploration within constraint, limitlessness within seeming limits, and the resilience of independent voices against unknown textures. Exploring the dynamics between contrasting elements (symbolized by the characters of White and Black), within the atmospheric presence of a cello, we embark on a quest for understanding through movement and performance. Embodied by two queer Asian performers, the journey is an ode to self-acceptance and transformation. A lone cello, elevated to the status of a spiritual object, acts as a silent witness and catalyst, summoning the protagonists together within a mysterious void space. In the later shift to the reality world, we are revealed to be within an empty rehearsal studio, where the characters’ movements echo from prior, reaching for an ever unattainable ideal. The void space and its real-world parallel become a figurative forest, spaces for exploration of self through elements of performance and movement. The video charts the personal connections to performance of both protagonists; MIZU’s musical origins lying within the realms of musical theater, and Zhou’s current experimental practice being rooted within their drama background. Bringing together two performers of diverse practices, “Flutter” is an ode to the mysterious magic within the crossroads of the world of theater. 2nd AC / Trainee - Noah Gravillis Gaffer - Ian Chen Grip - Aldo Vassallo Wardrobe - Alice Seon Makeup Artist - Shamis McGillin Editor - Mason CW Graphic Design - Daedalus Li Song Credits Composed, performed, and recorded by: MIZU Mixing and additional production: Ariel Loh Mastered by: Taylor Deupree/12k Mastering @ Additional production: Ben Shirken




The Other Side of Hope Tour 2024

One night, a chase… video by tibetyoghurtninha vj set: Vj Suave Presented by @NomadCityRecords •The Other Side of Hope Tour 2024 Mola Oddity is a creative project centered around Birdy K, Yider, and Asr. They liken themselves to deep-sea creatures (Mola), possessing unique traits (Oddity) and the absorbent capability to digest a variety of influences, transforming the world's absurdities into peculiar tales. Mola Oddity's 2024 tour, titled "The Other Side Of Hope," features drummer Zhitong, guitarist E.o, DJ Guan, and VJ SUAVE;(drummer Leon & guitarist Thomas Lamb in Guangzhou) . The created melodies unfold like a flight encountering small air currents, inducing turbulence with dissonant notes at unexpected moments, yet leaving a sense of anticipation. The slightly offbeat laid-back rhythms maintain a delicate balance akin to walking a tightrope, allowing space for breath. Whether it's the exotic plucked melodies with tremolo reverberations or the pulsating Techno rhythms, in Mola Oddity's world, every element has its chance to take form. Listen with a childlike heart, and you'll discover a myriad of quirky sonic toys in their treasure trove.





Management - Fanny Tardy & Etienne Piketty Production Assistant - Judith Berrebi, Astrid Issaverdens 1st AC - Mica Albanese 2nd AC - Renata Juncadela, Adrien Savary Starring - Alexandre Gain, Kamel Ziri, Micheline Roussel, Cédric Steffens Camera : RVZ








Brian Eno's Turntable II

English musician Brian Eno revives his color-changing neon turntable for the second time, along with its acrylic LED lights and rhythmic shifting colorscapes. The launch of Turntable II by Brian Eno goes hand-in-hand with a chance to see it in person at the Paul Stolper Gallery. Brian Eno’s neon design doubles as a sculpture when it doesn’t play a record, creating an atmospheric vibe wherever it is placed, just like his musical works.




The Rise of Trap Music in China (Chengdu)

Welcome to Chengdu in Sichuan province, where the hip-hop is hotter than its food. In the first part of The Rise of Trap in Southwest China, we head to Chengdu to speak to the Higher Brothers, China's hottest hip-hop export. Ty. shares the secrets behind several popular songs. While Chengdu's most famous rapper, Xie Di, goes deep in his thoughts on China's scene. Trap has broken the Chinese wall, and the two hottest trap scenes are the two largest cities in western China - Chengdu and Chongqing. VICE goes to Chengdu and Chongqing to check out two of the most influential music labels - CDC (aka Chengdu Rap House) and GO$H MUSIC - to explore the realm of dialect rap and a new generation of hip-hop lifestyle and values. Our host Wes Chen, a veteran in the scene who has hosted a Chinese hip-hop radio show for over a decade, shares his knowledge of the hottest music and evolution of hip-hop in China. Chengdu vs Chongqing: Which will emerge as the reigning city of Chinese hip-hop?




Can't Help Falling In Love on a Kalimba




KMRU – Sampling broken instruments




PULL&BEAR AR large-scale music show starring Sen Senra

Tech, fashion and music come together in this large-scale AR music show starring artist Sen Senra. A never-before-seen experience that leverages the latest Google Geolocation API to anchor the augmented reality content to Pull&Bear’s new flagship facade.

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PULL&BEAR AR large-scale music show starring Sen Senra


Tech, fashion and music come together in this large-scale AR music show starring artist Sen Senra. A never-before-seen experience that leverages the latest Google Geolocation API to anchor the augmented reality content to Pull&Bear’s new flagship facade.

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With offices in NY, LA, Berlin, Madrid and Barcelona, Wildbytes is the creative powerhouse that consistently pushes the boundaries of what's possible. Their digital expertise has caught the attention of tech giants and global brands alike, including Google, Jeep, AT&T, Coca-Cola, H&M, Twitter, Volkswagen, Tom Ford, and Dior, to name a few.

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