Voguing with Beethoven

In connection to Beethoven’s 250th jubilee, high culture meets subculture in this short film about identity and belonging presented by the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra. Thank you to everyone involved in the making of this. Much love especially to the incredible Oslo ballroom family. Prod Manager: Even Standal Vesterhus Coordinator: Agnes Rinde-Haugen 1st AD: Ben Lucas Runner: Anniken Haugen Runner: Noah Neby Focus Puller: Ola Austad 2nd AC: Robin Ottersen Steadicam: Stig Indrebø Gaffer: Levi Gawron Spark: Lisa Emilie Øverjordet Movement Director: Emma Damskau Stylist Assistant: Hege Ballans Location Sound: Mattis Lauritzen Production Design: Ragnhild Sletta Post Producer: Cyril Boije Editor: Tormod Berge Colourist: Julien Alary Sound Design: Johannes Dekko @ Shortcut Graphic Design: Nils Eivind Hausken Lab: Focus Film Shot on Kodak 16mm film Starring: Karim Mahmoud / Karim 007 Jonas Molvig / Baby Duck 007 Kayd Wacays / Dali 007 Emma Vioma / Vioma 007 Georgia May Anta / Sunshine Revlon John Harald Sand / Johnny 007 Jørgen Aastad Fredriksen / Jojo 007 Jørgen Eide / Jørgen 007 Sergio Prin-Sand / Sergio 007 Hamda Barise / Banjee B 007 Celina Osnes / Celina 007 Daniel Soheili Elahi / Diesel Ninja Birgit Nordby and Musicians of the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra




Bendik Giske - CTM festival - Berlin 2019

Bendik Giske is a queer artist and saxophonist who utilises physicality, vulnerability, and endurance to solder together jazz and club music with mesmerising performance. Giske takes the building blocks of electronic music and plays it live – without layering or looping – to the best of his ability, allowing human vulnerabilities to emerge. Bendik Giske live at HAU1 in Berlin during CTM festival 2019 - Persistence. Composed and performed by Bendik Giske Performance by LEGZ aka. Julian Fricker Costume by Sasa Kovacevic and Jochen Kronier




Yves Klein – Anthropometries

Yves Klein used naked women as 'human paintbrushes' to make his 'Anthropometry' paintings, which were produced as elaborate performances in front of an audience. Klein, in bow-tie and suit, would conduct the women as they covered themselves in paint (a colour he patented as 'International Klein Blue') and made imprints of their bodies, whilst musicians played his 'Monotone Symphony' -- a single note played for twenty minutes, followed by twenty minutes of silence. TateShots talked to Elena Palumbo-Mosca, who modelled for Klein, and who appears in footage of one such performance currently being shown in the exhibition A Bigger Splash: Painting after Performance, at Tate Modern.




Marina Abramovic and Ulay - A Minute of Silence / The Artist is Present

At the MoMA 2010.. where else.




Venera Kazarova exibition / Выставка Венеры Казаровой

Video for the exhibition of artist and costume designer Venera Kazarova in the Grand Khodynka gallery Costumes and concept Venus Kazarova Directed by Yura Boguslavsky Director of photography Svetlana Makarova Camera assistant Pavel Ukhanov Animators Maria Aligozhina, Polina Campioni, Lyuba Zhukova, Sasha Sharapov, Galya Astapova Models Liza Saksina, Diana Mukhamedshina, Anastasia Makarova, Anastasia Shelepova, Pavel Ukhanov, Anastasia Mukhametzyanova, Evgenia Shelepova Color correction, compositing Ilya Yudovich Sound, Music Sasha Chirkov, Ilya Kruchinin




Alfredo Pirri - Passi

The artist reinterprets his recent work "Passi" (Palazzo Altemps, 2018/19) in light of the challenging events we are facing. The enveloping atmosphere of the performance unleashes a message that we invite you to discover.




Piiiiissssst, a performance installation by Rana Haddad and Pascal Hachem of Beirut based 200 Grs

A series of striking film narratives from the streets of Lebanon mark almost a year to the Beirut port blasts. Rana Haddad of Beirut based studio 200 Grs puts our eye to The Human Lens at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2021. One of the most intriguing installations in the Pause series is Piiiiissssst, which packs the struggle for survival and escape into a moving suitcase with protruding human limbs




La tensión que completa el vacío - Sofía Tormenta




Paisaje Sonoro

"Paisaje Sonoro" es una performance presentada y dirigida por Artista Generativa Magdalena Hart. Cofundadora del colectivo Akyute en colaboración con Camila Fernández, Diseñadora Lumínica de Estudio del Espacio; Julieta Riverti, Paisajista de Estación Salvaje; Phalaenopsis; Alocasia Macrorrhiza; Philodendron Bippinatifidum; Monstera Deliciosa; Asplenium Nidus; Heliconia Rostata; Agave Atenuatta; Epipremnum Aureum y Begonia.




‘Many Kilometres, Several Words’ | Amol K Patil

The artist’s sound and video installations reinterpret a play by his father, Saata Patrachi Kahani (Postcard), written in Marathi in 1982 for a working-class audience. The play shows an exchange between a migrant mill worker in Mumbai and his wife living in a village in Maharashtra. Written at a time of widespread strikes to protest poor wages and labour conditions in the textile industry, the play captures the aspirations and grievances of an individual working within an environment where the sound of machines assaults the body only to become a part of its function through habituation. Patil presents stills and excerpts from the original play, and a video that creates a gestural lexicon of sounds and actions that suggest life in the mill and its cramped quarters. A four-channel sound installation, with material from tape recordings made by Patil’s father during rehearsals or for soundscapes for the theatrical performances, provides a counterpoint to the silent visuals.




Korakrit Arunanondchai’s ‘Songs for dying / Song for living’

The exhibition, presenting the works of Bangkok-raised artist Korakrit Arunanondchai, was co-produced by Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst in Zurich and Kunstverein in Hamburg. While the video installation 'Songs for living' bathes you in blue-toned daylight, the video installation 'Songs for dying' covers you in darkness amidst a room covered with earth. In the middle room you are surrounded by an incredibly large painting that spans three walls showing a gathering of bodies and a giant bird in flames. Music and sound play a big role for the exhibition. As a whole, the experience is very immersive.




Dior Celebrates International Dance Day with “Nuit Romaine”

To celebrate International Dance Day, “Nuit Romaine,” directed by Angelin Preljocaj and set in the Palazzo Farnese in Rome, follows the story of the goddess of the night, Nox, who comes to the Palazzo Farnese, bringing darkness and mystery into this place of power. Mesmerizing costumes by Maria Grazia Chiuri extend the movements of the dancers, with the site’s sculptures seemingly coming to life to interpret stories of love and passion.

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Marina Abramovic and Ulay - A Minute of Silence / The Artist is Present


At the MoMA 2010.. where else.


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