Coals - nowy świat

direction/ script: Maciej Adamczak DOP: Jakub Stoszek camera assistant: Aram Jesajan stylist: Coals TV design: Jakub Szkaradek editing: Grzegorz Skonecki color correction: Inez Gasek set assistant: Zuza Sikora typography: Zuza Rogala production house: znane studio




Step inside Magdalena Abakanowicz's forest of woven sculptures

In the 1960s, Polish artist Magdalena Abakanowicz began making large-scale woven sculptures that defied all categorisation. They seemed like coats or cocoons that tempted you to crawl inside, or hairy living creatures suspended from the gallery ceiling. The critics did not know what to make of them and called them 'Abakans' - perhaps the only example of an art form named after their artist. In this film, curator Ann Coxon leads us through a 'forest' of these towering Abakans, exploring how Abakanowicz pioneered a whole new form of installation art.





Immersion came from a dream. It came to tell a tale about a new creation of an artist who had to immerse into the volcano heart to truly become himself. This is a story about a new beginning of Sevphoe. The film Immersion is the latest creative collaboration between Sevphoe and Piotr Matejkowski. This beautiful collaboration with Moon Films began in March 2022. The project of change has pupated several times. But everything has always revolved around the heart of the volcano. It was a long and highly fruitful creative process. We constantly met at the Moon Films office to figure out the final story and how to make it the best. The crew core was Siasia Seyfried (Producer), Sevphoe (Creative and Artist), Piotr Matejkowski (Creative, Director and Photographer), Mikołaj Syguda (DP), Karolina Rączka (Set Designer) and Konstancja Lansberg (Production Manager). We started to engage in this extraordinary project with more and more creative talents. The post production was crucial. We invited Televisor to work with us. Spending hours on further creative talks. Based on the initial concepts of Filip Popik, Televisor created and rendered the volcanic world. The crew on set and on post-production, consisted of many more people, worked hard and created this world which a result of this short film and two album covers. Creative Concept | Sevphoe & Piotrek Matejkowski Director | Piotrek Matejkowski Cinematographer | Mikołaj Syguda Photographer | Piotrek Matejkowski Editor | Kuba Tomaszewicz Composer | Lutto Lento Production House | Moon Films Executive Producer | Magda Betlejewska & Kuba Ranik Producer | Siasia Seyfried Production Manager | Konstancja Landsberg Production Assistant | Monika Wzorek Post-production | Televisor Grading | Piotr Sasim Backgrounds Creative Concepts | Filip Popik Photo Postproduction | Paweł Liro | Final Touch Actress | Ayo 1AD | Piotr Starzyk 1AC | Robert Zygmuntowski Set Manager | Łukasz Wiewiórski Focus Puller | Maciek "Horyzont" Barański Gaffer | Maciek "Garry" Garwoliński Set designer | Karolina Rączka & Formy Scenograficzne Set designer Assistant | Kinga Rączka Costume designer | Emil Wysocki Make-up Artist | Gosia Sulima Wigs and Masks | Eliza Bergchauzen SFX | Kuba Krzyczmoniuk Stunts | Tomek Lewandowski & Kuba Grossman Photo Assistant | Kuba Krysiak Making Off | Adam Słaboń Blue Screen | zahoryzont Technocrane | Edwin Technocrane Crew | Marek Rolka Video Assist Monitor | Rafał Berendt Fire Department | Mariusz Lorent, Jakub Kowalik, Jakub Muszel Helioraf Panavision Aruna Delta




Photographer Lola Banet captures the spirit of youth subculture in Warsaw






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