Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons present Prada SS24 Womenswear Collection




Etro Nowhere - Spring Summer 2024 Women's fashion show

A place that is not there, that doesn’t exist. A place made possible by the imagination in which, for example, columns that recall the remains of a temple emerge not in the middle of the forest but in the heart of the city where vestiges of a curious civilization has suddenly resurfaced. Nowhere is the elsewhere that becomes tangible and with it, the overthrow of every rule, of every rational thought, of every logical consequentiality. Nowhere is a metaphor for fashion; a land in which everything is allowed because the combinations of elements are virtually endless.




Alberta Ferretti Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

A vision of lightness and movement; a definitive affirmation femininity that is never static.




What Are People Wearing? Copenhagen Fashion Week

What Are People Wearing? Copenhagen Fashion Week. We attended Fashion Week in Denmark with the official Skin stylists The Ordinary asking people about their skin style.




Moschino SS24 fashion show




Gucci Ancora Fashion Show

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Prada FW23 Campaign feat. "Angel" by Massive Attack

"In Conversation with a Flower", the Prada FW23 campaign, becomes a long form visual essay set to "Angel" by Massive Attack, 1998. Human scale blooms awaken us to the supernatural beauty of flowers. Talents: Benedict Cumberbatch, Hunter Schafer, Li Xian, Letitia Wright and Kodi Smit-McPhee




Burberry Summer 2024




Miu Miu Fall/Winter 2023 Fashion Show

The Miu Miu Fall/Winter 2023 collection by Miuccia Prada is focused on the instinctive process of looking, ways of seeing, and how an act of observation can in turn transform the object of its focus. Looking is a window to thinking. Featuring a special project in collaboration with artist Geumhyung Jeong.

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Gucci Fall Winter 2023

The House presents the new campaign featuring Vittoria Ceretti and Aboubakar Konte. Captured in Milan by David Sims against an evocative green backdrop, the imagery showcases a series of looks that debuted during the women’s and men’s fashion shows. Music “Brakhage” by Stereolab

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Back to the Beginning Bokja FW22/23

Our work is rooted in memory; capturing moments from the past to reflect on the present. Through our latest Wearables collection, we remember our long and repeated journeys through the Silk Road, searching for and witnessing an ages-old savoir faire through textiles. These textiles and the extraordinary women that produced them were our first school, a space to reflect on heritage and craftsmanship. We collected and archived what we found and imagined all the possibilities of what it could become, harvesting new and contemporary items to wrap the body with poetically assembled impressions of the past.

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Salim Azzam | FW 21/22 | A Good Bye To The Old World

In this collection "An Ode to the Old World", we wanted to give a sincere tribute to the history that depicted the notion of embroidery. We started eagerly digging into that world. Mesmerizing handmade pieces got out of the aged closets and pieces of magazine clippings gathered from forgotten drawers; both reflecting an honourable era when this work was a beautiful way for women to express themselves. An ode to the old world is dreaming of the future by genuinely and passionately looking into the past, and the belief that everything we need, we already have. DOP Assistants: Moaz Habli & Hussein Fneish Hair and Makeup: Ivan Kuz (Velvet Management) ( @lvan_kuz )

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ACT N°1 Fall Winter 2021-22


The mood is attained in the concept of Earth as a force capable of absorbing civilizations. A contemporary room invaded by sand. Human memories that remain in creations, shaped like pain-tings and history reflected through antique Chinese watercolour paintings hanging on the white walls of a gallery. Paintings turn into clothing and move like a sundial, shaping dancers circling clockwise around the room. The vision translates time passing and the change of things, the evolution of humanity. The future repeats itself and the past always follows around, in a perpetual race. A girl covered in pearls, eternally asleep, is surrounded by her community, covering her with flowers. Is she lost or dead? A ballerina dancing on pointe portrays the phoenix death through the purification of fire, destroying what has been, while being born again from its own ashes. It is an eternal powerful transformation through fire, life winning death, creation overcoming destruction, past surpassed by future: every single flame in its diversity while keeping its form of fire. The new collection follows the path and stays true to the brand’s DNA, challenging traditional tailo-ring and dressmaking. Ruffled tulle, structured jacquard and liquid silk, crisp cotton and soft knitwear play on contrast. Shoulders built like blooms, draped sleeves, shirts melting inside dresses and tren-ches pleated against their will. Jackets and shirts sometimes become bodysuits. Signature landscape Chinese fine art continues to be a symbol and a mesage for the brand.

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