Zimmer90 - Summer Rain (Lyric Video)




Cornelia Baltes - EIGEN + ART Lab

At EIGEN + ART Lab, Berlin




Bendik Giske - CTM festival - Berlin 2019

Bendik Giske is a queer artist and saxophonist who utilises physicality, vulnerability, and endurance to solder together jazz and club music with mesmerising performance. Giske takes the building blocks of electronic music and plays it live – without layering or looping – to the best of his ability, allowing human vulnerabilities to emerge. Bendik Giske live at HAU1 in Berlin during CTM festival 2019 - Persistence. Composed and performed by Bendik Giske Performance by LEGZ aka. Julian Fricker Costume by Sasa Kovacevic and Jochen Kronier




Peggy Gou - 1+1=11

The video for Peggy Gou’s song 1+1=11 shows artist Olafur Eliasson dancing inside a light installation at his studio in Berlin. As he breakdances – gliding, popping, and moving like a robot – he crosses through beams of light from eight projectors, each of a different hue, unleashing an array of colourful shadows and silhouettes that overlap and cascade across the wall. The artist first began breakdancing as a teenager, an experience he often credits as having inspired his embodied approach to art-making. Gou herself appears in the artist’s studio among the geometric models, lights, and mirrors, holding aloft a polarising disc that becomes alternately transparent and dark as she turns it. The works of Icelandic-Danish artist Olafur Eliasson are driven by his long-standing interests in perception, movement and embodied experience. Eliasson is internationally-renowned for his public installations that challenge the way we perceive and co-create our environments. Web: Studio Olafur Eliasson Instagram: @studioolafureliasson Starring: Peggy Gou and Olafur Eliasson Artistic Director: Olafur Eliasson Director: Olafur Eliasson @studioolafureliasson Production Co: ProdCo @prodcofficial Founding Partner/EP: Zico Judge HOP: Sam Levene Producer: Theo Hue Williams @theohuewilliams Local Producer: Philmo Haucke @phlmbln Commissioner: Scott Wright Choreographer: Steen Koerner @steenkoernerstudio DOP: Franz Lustig @lustig.franz 1AC: Daniel Erb 1AC: Uwe Zegnotat 2AC: Hanna Lange @hannafriedalange VTR: Daniel Bose DIT: Frank Hellwig 1AD: Stevie Williams Runner: Andre Dalchau Runner: Bassam Ibrahim Gaffer: Albrecht Silberberger Spark: Dan Jung Spark: Christophe Naschke Grip: Jan Brun MUA: Nina Dueffort VFX Sup: Mickey O’Donoghue VFX Producer: Libby Gandhi @libby.gandhi VFX House: Selected Works @selectedworks.tv Editor: Armen Harootun @hharmenhh Co-Editor: Elena Bromund @elena.lustig Colourist: Taylor Pool @taylorgrades Colour House: Trafik @the.trafik




TWO LANES - Healing (Piano Version)




PALMU - Housewife (Acoustic)

𝗔𝗯𝗼𝘂𝘁 𝗣𝗔𝗟𝗠𝗨: She’s quirky, cheeky, goofy and full of attitude! PALMU is a Finnish/Moldovan artist/songwriter who moved to Berlin couple of years ago since BMG Management Publishing GmbH gave her a publishing deal. The blue-haired talent has always been surrounded by music since both of her parents are classical musicians but she always felt drawn to soul/r’n’b/pop. Before her move to Berlin, PALMU performed a lot in Finland and opened for Princess Nokia, Stonebwoy and others. PALMU has always expressed herself a lot through visuals and fashion. She calls her music personality pop and she loves to play with metaphors – specifically, when it comes to songwriting. Her powerful, yet deep vocals with punchy toplines make her approach special and unique. PALMU believes strongly in self-expression and wants her music to make you feel confident in who YOU are. 𝗣𝗔𝗟𝗠𝗨 𝗮𝗯𝗼𝘂𝘁 Housewife: Housewife is an anthem to all the women, who have struggled with the norms and expectations of the society. I have never fitted into the definition of a perfect housewife and I know that I’m not alone. Empowering women has always been an important thing for me and I wanted to wrap this message up in a colourful, positive and quirky pop- song.




using one’s feet has become an option of last resort

Tra My Nguyen




Zimmer90 - Summer Rain




TWO LANES - Realization




TWO LANES - Belong (Live Session)

Check out this mesmerizing, heart touching sound by this very talented sibling duo.





In the heart of a bustling nightclub, where the thick air is pressing itself on glasses full of booze and enthralled faces, a love story unfolds. We experience the highs and lows before the harsh truth of reality brings us back. Starring: Ella Morgen Noah Tinwa Eef Andriessen Zoe Kimbwaka Samuel Efe Andrew Kwaku-Opoku Costume Design: Anna Mercedes Bongers, Simon Folkert Hair & Make-Up: Alexandra Johansson, Felicitas Barth Stills: Andre Josselin, Vasi Lisa Blue Casting Director: Nadine Juntke Additional Casting: Bobby Dazzler Concept: Tabea Pick, Marie Zeidler 1st AD: Julius Wieler 2nd AD: Zoe Heimann 3rd AD: Elias Ben Dahhou Production Manager: Marie-Estelle Laudenbach Service Producer: Alexander Peschke, Jona Riese Production Assistant: Charlize Frey 1st AC: Julien Bauer 2nd AC: Johann Oeding DIT: Matthis Maier Steadycam Operator: Max Egner Gaffer: Peter Assmann Best Boy: Sina Eslami Electricians: Tim Boller,Bernard Ferreira, Axel Schrepel Key Grip: Elia Gasparinatos Grip: Vincent Netzer, Lennard Uothweith Set Decorator: Emma Sophie Schaub Foley Artist & ADRs: Thore Kühl Production sound mixer: Tim Reckley Partner: KnowDrugs / Philipp Kreicarek Campaign: MDCT AG Managing Director: Wolfgang Benz Account Management: Ines Harer Senior Art Director: Andreas Drosdz Art Director: Isabella Witzany-Wokalek Strategy & Concept: Dennie Pfau Head of Creative Copy & Text: Jessica Schweinoch Senior Social Media Management: Hanna Weil, Amelie Bußmann Head of Digital: Paul Krauss Frontend Developer: Kai Wieland Database Integration: Stefan Schuster




OTTOLINGER Spring Summer 2024

The green mountains flare. She smiles as she climbs, wrapped in ancient linen, one foot and then the other. She looks as if a ghost had volunteered it’s bindings. She knows, all that fell a part, comes back together in the spiral of summer. Cow bells fill the air like an acid-house radio station. Part god, part banker, part sheep dog. She is moved only by the need to continue upwards. Ascension. Every fable plays upon her shoulders. The maiden exposed to the elements. Lace and fire. Brimstone and want. Denim and desire. Curled up at the edge of the earth. She is finally free. OTTOLINGER Cosima Gadient & Christa Bösch

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using one’s feet has become an option of last resort


Tra My Nguyen


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