Moullinex - Luz

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Moullinex - Luz

Moullinex - Luz


Using only binoculars and an iPhone, the film was entirely shot from inside a car and captures performances from people living in social isolation, inside their windows, balconies or roofs. The soundtrack was then scored to this film by Moullinex in his home studio, with vocals added by GPU Panic. The film was shot in Lisbon during the first week of April, and after several media outlets describi...

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Bruno Ferreira

Bruno Ferreira

Bruno was born in Lisbon in 1980. He grew up watching his father editing VHS videos of weddings and baptisms. That's when his passion for film begun. He studied filmmaking between Lisbon and New York when he directed is first short film called THE HATERS selected for national and international film festivals. Currently Bruno divides his w...Read More +


Salvatore Ganacci - Fight Dirty DC sound mix
James Massiah - Natural Born Killers (Ride for Me)
Les Sins - Bother
Moderat - Let in the Light
Sano - La Grúa
ZHU - In the Morning
Marcus Marr - Brown Sauce
Shit Robot - OB-8
Roland Tings - Tomita's Basement
The Glitz - Pambo
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