Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger




BELLBOY - La neige

Aide à l'animation Laura Passalacqua Tamerlan Bekmurzayev Simon Cadilhac Produit par Remembers




KREAM - Arrakis




((( 0 ))) - 42




Max Cooper - Cardano Circles

Warning: Contains flashing images Max Cooper: Recently I was asked to make a new live show based around Italy for a festival with that theme, so I delved into some historic Italian music and science for the Seme (Seed) project. One idea I came across was Gerolamo Cardano’s “Cardano Circles” system from around 1570. I love how it continuously turns straight lines into circles (it was part of early printing press technology). I wanted to present variants of this idea and started chatting to animator / coder Mario Carrillo about a video sequence, while I also came up with a musical interpretation. The music was an attempt at a simple beautiful system in line with the basic visual system we were working with. When the music was ready Mario took the visuals into beautiful new realms building on the initial idea, and we chatted a lot about how to connect his various visual systems to the Cardano Circles, and provide lots of opportunity for getting lost in some beautiful emergent abstraction. So yeah, that’s it for this one, I hope you enjoy it, thanks for having a look and a listen as always. Video artist: Mario Carrillo The concept known as “Cardano Circles”, named after the Italian mathematician Gerolamo Cardano, involves arranging circles in a straight line, each at varying angles, and traversing this alignment at different phases. Depending on the number of circles and the phase angle, this mechanism results in circular motion emerging from what would otherwise be linear movement.This simple and yet elegant concept evolved into a visual system designed to explore the aesthetic possibilities inherent in the idea. What if motion and color persist over time, giving rise to new emergent forms? What if varying the phase angle produces shapes beyond circles? And what if these circles were arranged in a grid rather than a Cardano system, numbering in the tens of thousands that swarm new patterns? The sequence unfolds, at times echoing the Cardano motif, to remind us of the foundational structure from which everything stems. Cardano Circles is a fusion of music, technology, and mathematics to craft a captivating abstraction of an age-old mechanical concept. It was a pleasure to work in synergy with Max as we blended our ideas throughout the process — we sincerely hope you find as much joy in experiencing it as we did in creating it.




Kings Of Leon - Nothing To Do

Produced and Directed by Kings of Leon and Casey McGrath. Shot by Caleb Followill.








Peggy Gou - 1+1=11

The video for Peggy Gou’s song 1+1=11 shows artist Olafur Eliasson dancing inside a light installation at his studio in Berlin. As he breakdances – gliding, popping, and moving like a robot – he crosses through beams of light from eight projectors, each of a different hue, unleashing an array of colourful shadows and silhouettes that overlap and cascade across the wall. The artist first began breakdancing as a teenager, an experience he often credits as having inspired his embodied approach to art-making. Gou herself appears in the artist’s studio among the geometric models, lights, and mirrors, holding aloft a polarising disc that becomes alternately transparent and dark as she turns it. The works of Icelandic-Danish artist Olafur Eliasson are driven by his long-standing interests in perception, movement and embodied experience. Eliasson is internationally-renowned for his public installations that challenge the way we perceive and co-create our environments. Web: Studio Olafur Eliasson Instagram: @studioolafureliasson Starring: Peggy Gou and Olafur Eliasson Artistic Director: Olafur Eliasson Director: Olafur Eliasson @studioolafureliasson Production Co: ProdCo @prodcofficial Founding Partner/EP: Zico Judge HOP: Sam Levene Producer: Theo Hue Williams @theohuewilliams Local Producer: Philmo Haucke @phlmbln Commissioner: Scott Wright Choreographer: Steen Koerner @steenkoernerstudio DOP: Franz Lustig @lustig.franz 1AC: Daniel Erb 1AC: Uwe Zegnotat 2AC: Hanna Lange @hannafriedalange VTR: Daniel Bose DIT: Frank Hellwig 1AD: Stevie Williams Runner: Andre Dalchau Runner: Bassam Ibrahim Gaffer: Albrecht Silberberger Spark: Dan Jung Spark: Christophe Naschke Grip: Jan Brun MUA: Nina Dueffort VFX Sup: Mickey O’Donoghue VFX Producer: Libby Gandhi @libby.gandhi VFX House: Selected Works Editor: Armen Harootun @hharmenhh Co-Editor: Elena Bromund @elena.lustig Colourist: Taylor Pool @taylorgrades Colour House: Trafik @the.trafik




Lil Jay Bingerack - Hi Hi Hi

label: Black Star France Real : benY Boy Assistant real : Prod exe : Artizan Agency D.A: Honorat Aguiré Cadrage : Le Collectif Decor : Les Jumeaux Montage : Beny Boy Etalonnage : beny Boy Makeup Artist : Ashleymakeup Styliste : JMS couture-- hermann - kaunand-jef krea Staring : khaddy kaba Tanya -Adja Jocelyne Ishola




The Human League - Don't You Want Me (Purple Disco Machine Remix)




Asna - Atalaku

Atalaku means " look here" or give a "shout out" to someone in lingala. This video clip is a Big Atalaku to all my generation, a special shout out to all my people 🇨🇮✨❤️ Credits : Production : Asna Artistic Director : Asna Editor : Allessandro Rodriguez Director of photography : Will Niava Colorist : Wilhend Norvils Credits designers : Alex Wondergem Dancer : Kidydancer Choreographer : Jean Paul Mehansio & Rhodes Karismatik Styling : Lamisigo Show runner : Clement Kouassi Assistant : John Kodjo / Theio




The Beatles - Revolution

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Justice - Generator


Featuring: Aldo Filardo & Gyspy Executive producer: Guillaume Marien VFX supervisor: Jéhan Bouazza VFX producer: Gouna Logan Assistant producer: Augustin Vernier VFX coordinator: Camille Lorthioy Montage Kama sequence: Cybele Nader 3D modeling shading: Naathan Vidal 3D rig: Guillaume Boudeville, Jules Giraud Track supervision & matchmove: Adrien Delecroix Track: Eva Clerc, Andrea Hervet, Miki Stojanovski, Aleksandar Trajkovski, Maksym Gioda Animation 3D: Charline Parisot, Julie Cervantes, Frederic Boulin, Morgane Scionico Lighting Martin Teillet, Anais Sassatelli, Stanislas Gruenais FX Houdini : Djelloul Bekri In/Out assistants: Selim Meddeb, Benjamin Mack Compositing: Julien Michel, Tiago Barbosa, Olivier Tournayre, Laurent Launes Flame : Samuel Roux, Frederic Brandon Générique: TCRVTS Make up & prosthetics by Isamaya Ffrench Lead prosthetist: Francesco Fabiani Prosthetists: Marina Altomare, Michel Schino Make-up artists: Sophie Moore, Chris Suckow & Jordan Glancy Hair stylist (wig): Pacome MALARY Set design by Lucie Beauvert First set designer assistant: Colombe Montias Set designer assistants: Medhi Briand & Harry Postins Costumes by Marina Monge Wardrobe assistants: Alessandro Santi & Emeline Devendeville Line producer: Perrine Mercier First assistant director: Pim Caloni Intimacy coach: Claire Cauchat Production coordinator: Josi Frater Production assistants: Thalia Bange & Queen Yemy Casting: Dourane Focus Puller: Vincent Toubel Second camera assistants : Noémie Martineau & Alex le Luyer Motion control operator Antoine Grasset Assistant motion control operator Léa Recoque Steadicam: Loïc Andrieu Phantom operator: Selim Ziouane Gaffer Maxime Chastres (and Paul Bijaoui for prelight) Electricians: Mathilde SCHAFFER, Kasper RAIDAM, Kallamon BOUVIER, Nathan JEAN-FRANCOIS, Mickael DELMAS Key Grip: Thibaut de Cecco Grips: Titouan Thomas, Coline Migevant Location Manager Vincent Decremps Assistant location manager Georges Guerguerian Runners: Maïlys Itier & Ernest Dubois Grade: Arthur Paux Compositing artist: Lucas Latil

Post Producer


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