RAYE - Genesis.

Creative Agency: Cuyjet Studio Production Company: Blackrush x KODE Executive Producers: RAYE, Nathan Killham, Mikey Robbins, Otis Dominique, Andre Wooz, Liz Adeleye RAYE’s Digital Lead: Alexandra Dairo DOP: David Wright Lead Editor: Phoebe May 1st Assistant Director: Ty Hack Artist Movement Choreographer: Maureen Moores Choreographer: Sadeck Berrabah Colourist: Stef Colosi Colourist: Jonny Tully Production Manager: Dante Roberts Production Coordinator: Scarlet Green Production Assistant: Cerys Kenneally Production Admin Assistant: Lucie Schmidt Production Designer: Jaclyn Pappalardo 2nd Assistant Director: Elsa Grace 3rd Assistant Director: Jessica Lee AD Runner: Miles Bruce-Jones AD Runner: Chantell Kirton 1st Assistant Camera: Paul Snell 1st Assistant Camera: Hopi Demattio 2nd Assistant Camera: Apolo Wilson AR Steadicam Operator: Josh Brooks Thermal Camera Operator: Phoebe May Key Grip: Paul Mammone Key Grip: Grant Rowe Crane Tech: Dan Hegarty Crane Head Tech: Dan Blundy Grip Trainee: Adam Simmons LED Screen Tech: Kris Mazia LED Screen Tech: Michal Kyschky Art Assistant: Daniel Munro Construction Assistant: Alan Roshier Gaffer: Riaz Ahmed Best Boy: John Harkins Spark: Bailey Langford Spark: Chay McGill Spark: Stanisław Proszowski Spark: James Booker Desk Operator: Eddie Cook Video Playback: Ben Mcconnel DIT: Núria Pérez DIT: Andre Sapori RAYE Stylist: Lauren Groves RAYE Stylist Assistant: Eliza Goldsmith RAYE Hair Stylist: Alex Price RAYE Make-Up Artist: Lan Nguyen Cast Stylist: El-Shaddai Nyagodzi Cast Stylist Assistant: Richy Da Silva Cast Stylist Assistant: Emily Young Cast Hair Stylist: Jana Pirosko Cast Make-Up Artist: Yong Chin Cast Make-Up Artist: Grace Hayward Cast Make-Up Artist: Yelena Konnova Runner Driver: Sonny Greaney Runner: Maxim J Elliot Runner: Khalil Vaughan Runner: Venus Baginski Runner: Rene Rehak Runner: Beth Jespersen Runner: Divine Owoola 16mm B-Roll: Alex Georgiades Unit Stills: Zach Maynard Unit Stills: Louis Clackett Medic: Andy Taylor Medic: Kevin Peach Security: Chris Bird Post Producer: Liz Adeleye 1st Assistant Editor: Samuel Maton AI Video Content: Noper VFX Studio: TK-FX VFX Post-Producer: Johan Barrios VFX Compositor: Salvatore Lo Cascio - VFX Compositor: Rahomanhan VFX Compositor: Joe Forden CG / Comp: Denova Media CG / Comp: Greezus CG / Comp: @michal.rech Onset Sup: Nino Oz Roto: Indigo VFX DAILIES CREW: DOP: Sam Meyer 1st Assistant Camera: Adam Fox Spark: Connor Baskey Runner: Toby Leahy




Sault - Wildfires




pikika - sonhei contigo




dj gummy bear - nothing ever really matters.




Marie Noreger & Nedja - Lonely Dinosaur (Official Lyric Video)




Erika de Casier - Polite

Dancer: Patrick Afuale Eirup




Bonnie Banane - Nini

The ghost - Thakone Soum Camera assistant - Tom Haudry Gaffer - Côme Naulleau Electrician assistant - Margot Soubrier Grip - Joffrey Ramananjaona Make Up - Louisa Trapier Hair - Charlotte Dubreuil Hair assistant - Louma Sliti Stylist assistant - Anna Castellano Construction chief - Clémentine Delbecq Painter - Louise Boghossian Construction assistant - Hortense Tollu Riper - Achille Bocquier BTS - Enzo Premier Production - Florine Fourastié




Tierra Whack - TWO NIGHT

Additional Houdini Artist Patrick Baitinger Asset Footage / Scans Jason Hsu Additional Assets CG Asset Library Titles Gabriella DiMarco Production Manager Yasmine Carruthers




Lady Donli - Jazz Up (Official Visualiser)




Kelela: Tiny Desk Concert

Kelela took her opportunity at the Tiny Desk to create something new. She swapped key pieces from her recordings (hard drums and effects) for a harp and piano. She also presented us with a challenge or two as well. While there weren't many bodies behind the Desk, the instruments left little room for movement. Pianist Briley Harris was barricaded by the keys, and background vocalists Brittney Mills and Alayna Rodgers were nestled next to Ahya Simone's big beautiful harp. When an artist presents us with a distinctive, creative vision for their performance, the fun part is collaborating to execute that idea. This Tiny Desk was a homecoming for Kelela. She let the music do most of the speaking but not before shouting out Washington, D.C., where she was born. The setlist seamlessly showcases most parts of her catalog with a couple of brand new arrangements. "Enough" and "Take Me Apart" are almost unrecognizable, recast to allow Kelela's vocals to sit gently within the harp and keys. The singer found a thunder tube in our percussion section and tinkered with it during soundcheck. Toward the end of "The High," she sings through it to alter her voice. That exploration and experimentation perfectly capture the essence of the show. SET LIST "Raven" "Take Me Apart" "Bank Head" "Waitin" "Enough" "Bluff" "The High" MUSICIANS Kelela: vocals Briley Harris: keys Brandon Donald: drums Alayna Rodgers: vocals Brittney Mills: vocals Ahya Simone: harp TINY DESK TEAM Producer: Bobby Carter Director/Editor: Kara Frame Audio Technical Director: Hannah Gluvna Videographers: Kara Frame, Maia Stern, Joshua Bryant, Alanté Serene Audio Engineer: Neil Tevault Production Assistant: Elle Mannion Photographer: Elizabeth Gillis Tiny Desk Team: Ashley Pointer, Hazel Cills Executive Producer: Suraya Mohamed Series Creators: Bob Boilen, Stephen Thompson VP, Visuals and Music: Keith Jenkins




Chita - No Fue ft. CA7RIEL




Free Nationals, Mac Miller, Kali Uchis - Time

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Jungle - Back On 74


Assistant Choreo: Lars Bohte Assistant Choreo: Oriane Serveille 1st AD: Freddie Wright 2nd AD: Jessica Simmonds 3rd AD: Elsa Grace AD Runner: Tim Marckwald DOP: Natasha Duursma 1st AC: Oliver Bingham 2nd AC: Emily McNey 2nd AC (Second Unit): Jack Plumridge Production Designer: Sam Storey Buyer: Harry Pearce Art Dept Coordinator: Macy Treu-Dingle Standby Props: Andrea Guerrero Standby Art Director: Harrison Toward Assistant Art Director: Joe Harrison Assistant Art Director: Elin Taylor Art Assistant: Jake Garrett Art Assistant: Jade O’Connor Art Assistant (Second Unit): Tom Thain Camera Prop Tech: Jon Wayre Video Technician: Lwehla Say Construction: David Thomas Rigger: Paul King Standby Rigger: Mitchell Williams Rigger: Sam Cashman Rigger: Gary Chandler Sound Recordist: Roger Cutting Sound Recordist (Second Unit): George Davies Stylist: Melo 1st Styling Assistant: Daisy McDonald Styling Assistant: Flossie Doherty Styling Assistant: Amira Walters Byrne Camera Hire: Panavision Lighting Hire: Panalux Catering: Luluz Location: Alexandra Palace, thanks to Location Works Dancers Skeleton Crew Amsterdam: Leonarda Xenisa Gigi Elise Neo Marquisha Jasmin Mijntje Jade Robin Ruben Jeremy Jurvinio Luciano Juan

Executive Producer


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