Sahej Rahal

Dialing in with Sahej Rahal based in Mumbai, India 🇮🇳 who works across a variety of different disciplines from painting, sculpture, performance, to video games. Using AI, Rahal shapes the stories of his own mythology which draw upon archaeological records, conspiracies, science fiction, and folklore. His work is an ever-growing world that inherently interrogates the dominant narratives shaping our present.




Dior Fall 2023 Show

Tune in for the sensational unveiling of Dior Fall 2023 by Maria Grazia Chiuri beneath the majestic Gateway of India in Mumbai.




DHRUV KAPOOR Menswear Spring 2022

Dhruv Kapoor takes to the runway in Milan in a digital version presenting a capsule with an almost mystical soul. According to the fashion house, all human beings and related cultures cannot exist without moments of transition that mark each person's life forever. It is precisely in these "in-between" states that new institutions and customs are created. Spring Summer '22 focuses on exploring these places of passage, of transition where the real and the surreal fall away, making way for the dream. The founder and designer of the fashion house, who has always held the values of revolution, transformation and independence, converts dream, love and hope into hand-drawn prints on shirts with ruffled pockets, carefully hand-embroidered by the brand's artisans.





What should be taken as the cornerstone of Sahej Rahal’s work Antraal 2019, is that we can rationally imagine what it would mean to live as the last humans, machines which have navigated their time of Idea and history since the advent of the first humans or us. They have refused and subverted the totality of their contingent appearance and significance of their historical manifestations as mere misconceptions of what it means to wander in time, as an Idea and not merely a species. Clearly, such a speculation cannot be total, for it is more akin to the reconstruction of the idea of a machinic conception of humanity from the lights that come through the cracks in the concept of humanity as situated here and now. To reconstruct the play or dance of these lights—however insufficient these clues might be—is the very definition of taking the timeless Idea of the Human sternly. And what is a human who does not acknowledge or reinvent itself in different guises? The self-consciousness of the fact that we have always been artifacts of our own historical concepts leads to the understanding that what comes after us and through our practices is also us but not burdened by the particularity of our wheres and whens. It is truly an outside perspective into what we are right here and now.




Nothing Anonymous - Waste Away




アモル・K・パティル《じっと見つめる》/ Amol K. Patil "Study oneself"

Intention: The idea is to make a performative video about the relation between the camera and the body. This idea came from the observations of people learning skills from watching tutorials and in this current time, there is an influx of online exhibitions, online lectures, online shows that are happening. Also, people are using online video apps to do activities collectively, and watch recipes, yoga tutorials etc. The idea of watching and talking to a blank screen, even though there many people are watching, but these layers are not visible. One is preparing and maintaining oneself on the screen, so it's kind of a reflection.




Shilpa Gupta | Galleria Continua

While training in sculpture, the Indian artist began to work experimentally with a wide range of media, including video, photography and interactive mixed media installations. Mid 2000’s Gupta already occupied a prominent position on the international art scene. The show prepared by the artist for the former cinema-theatre of San Gimignano includes a large number of works produced specially for the occasion – objects, images, interactive sound installation – and some recent works. Technology for Gupta is a kind of extension of everyday reality, a narrative tool but also a subject/object of inquiry. The artist is interested in human perception, in how information, either visible or invisible, is transmitted and interiorized in daily life. Constantly drawn by the definition of objects and by mechanisms for identifying places, people and experiences, Gupta explores the zones in which these definitions acquire form, whether this concerns borderlines, labels or notions of censorship or security. Her work involves the viewer, creating intimacy and setting up an intense and never didactic dialogue. Gupta asked a hundred people to draw from memory a map of the place where they live. This gave rise to 100 Hand Drawn Maps, a work with intimate and delicate features that reflects on the theme of belonging, on the complexity of the concept of the frontier – real, imaginary, political, geographical – but also on the power exercised by institutional forces through cartography. The tryst with the uncontainable edge of a nation is explored in many other works in the show, for instance in Untitled 2014, a set of six pieces of hand woven fabric ranging in size from A0 to A5. “I use incremental measurements”, the artist explains, “because we surround ourselves with measures, say a simple sheet of ‘A4’ paper that we slip into a printer”. Precise factual data, proportional relations are accompanied in Shilpa Gupta’s work by deliberately concealed notions – the names of the two nations in this case – serving as a warning that the passage of time just like the movements of people render vain any attempt to schematize or to label. The sound installation Speaking Wall speaks of a border drawn in sand that is constantly shifted by wind and rain. Listener and narrating voice enter into contact through a poetic monologue on borders, not just geopolitical but also strictly pertaining to the space of the installation, triggering a series of reflections on the sense of distance, on surveillance and on bureaucracy. Gupta recounts the story of a world that is constantly in search of identity and in constant transformation. The artist gathered stories of people who, for various reasons, be it fear of political persecution, social prejudice, personal aspiration or embarassment, decided, at a certain point in their lives, to change their surname.




Inside Manish Arora’s Studio

Renowned contemporary fashion design Manish Arora welcomes us into his studio, and offers exclusive insight into his work and inspirations.




Train Surfers

In Train Surfers, thrill-seeking young men tempt fate doing stunts on Mumbai’s high-speed trains




‘Many Kilometres, Several Words’ | Amol K Patil

The artist’s sound and video installations reinterpret a play by his father, Saata Patrachi Kahani (Postcard), written in Marathi in 1982 for a working-class audience. The play shows an exchange between a migrant mill worker in Mumbai and his wife living in a village in Maharashtra. Written at a time of widespread strikes to protest poor wages and labour conditions in the textile industry, the play captures the aspirations and grievances of an individual working within an environment where the sound of machines assaults the body only to become a part of its function through habituation. Patil presents stills and excerpts from the original play, and a video that creates a gestural lexicon of sounds and actions that suggest life in the mill and its cramped quarters. A four-channel sound installation, with material from tape recordings made by Patil’s father during rehearsals or for soundscapes for the theatrical performances, provides a counterpoint to the silent visuals.




DHRUV KAPOOR Menswear Fall 2022

Psychedelia and otherworldly experiences informed Kapoor's quirky-pop collection. The whole narrative was hard to digest and only tangentially translated into the clothes, which, in sync with previous seasons, telegraphed a quirky pop aesthetics. Geometric-patterned catsuits, rib-knit crop tops, military-inspired overcoats with psychedelic swirls, trucker jackets with floral-turned-geometric embroideries, and furry bucket hats all conjured a cool and colorful ‘90s raver look.




Love Will Find A Way

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Dior Fall 2023 Show


Tune in for the sensational unveiling of Dior Fall 2023 by Maria Grazia Chiuri beneath the majestic Gateway of India in Mumbai.

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