Tamango - Sirene e Pirati

Attori: Helena Grompone, Simone Federico, Luigi Bevilacqua Comparse: Jacopo Gargioni, Stefano Jacini, Gabriele Sarfatti, Filippo Scimone Con la voce di: Francesca Silveri Produzione: Manfredi Maida Mix e master: Andrea Mogni "Mixbypunch" Ci teniamo a ricordare chi ha ispirato, sostenuto e vissuto questo progetto. Ringraziamo in particolare:




Coz - La musica non c'è




Achilles Ion Gabriel FW24





In 1877, Elsa Schiaparelli’s uncle Giovanni Schiaparelli, the director of the Brera Observatory in Milan, discovered something new: a series of channels, an area as large as the Grand Canyon, scoring the surface of Mars. He also coined the term “martian”, and inadvertently began our modern fascination with creatures from out there, a fascination that continues to this day. So it makes sense that space has always been an informal code of the Maison. Elsa was, famously, preoccupied with astrology, and why not? Looking to the stars was clearly a family pastime. This collection is an homage to that obsession, as well as a study in contradictions — of legacy and the avant-garde, of the beautiful and the provocative, of the earthbound and the heaven-sent. But as art (and nature) teaches us again and again, the things and ideas that seem diametrically opposed to each other can also combine to make startling chimeras, objects composed of familiar parts that, when united, create something unexpected and new. It is, in fact, one of the Maison’s guiding philosophies: Elsa was committed to unlikely marriages win her own design, and the looks in this collection honor that tradition, combining old world techniques (such as over-embroidered guipure laces, velvet and lace appliqués, and hand cut and embroidered chenille fringe) with new world shapes, patterns, and references (such as a motherboard-and-strasse microchip dress encrusted with pre-2007 technological artifacts — now, the technology I grew up with is so antiquated that it’s almost as difficult to source as certain vintage fabrics and embellishments). They also unite her personal references with my own: you’ll see abstracted references to iconographies of my home state of Texas throughout, from the bandana, here remade in hand-painted paillettes; to the cowboy boot, reconceived as a thigh-high fantasy bristling with buckles; to the iconic horse braid dressage knots redone as silk satin spikes and smothering a camel suede bomber jacket and a white denim corset suit. Elsa was famous for her codes — the keyhole, the measuring tape, anatomical body parts — and we’ve embedded them like Easter eggs in jewelry, shoes, clutches, and embroidery, a secret message from us to the woman who wears them. The result are a series of profiles both familiar and not — part human, part something else. And, therefore, totally Schiaparelli.




Brunello Cucinelli on Humanistic Capitalism in an Age of AI

At a time of great change, Cucinelli believes that businesses must strike a balance between embracing technological innovation that could threaten livelihoods, like AI, to push creativity forward while also keeping humanity at the heart of business. “I believe in a kind of contemporary way of capitalism. Since 1978, Brunello Cucinelli’s namesake brand has been a standard-bearer for both luxury clothing and a more responsible way of doing business. At a time of great change, Cucinelli believes that businesses must strike a balance between embracing technological innovation that could threaten livelihoods, like AI, to push creativity forward while also keeping humanity at the heart of business. “I believe in a kind of contemporary way of capitalism. We are a listed company. We do want to make a profit, but a fair profit at that. There should be a balance between profit and giving back,” he explains. Key Insights: - Cucinelli’s approach to labour is guided by his working-class upbringing and seeing his father was demeaned and belittled at work. “I saw tears in his eyes and that was my source of inspiration to have a completely different vision of the world,” he says. “I wanted my human beings to be surrounded by pleasant places. I wanted them to make handsome money. And I wanted them to be treated like thinking souls.” -This philosophy of ‘humanistic capitalism’ also extends to customers. “We need to redress the balance. Shoppers want to know exactly where a specific item has been made, how it's been made, whether creation has harmed it along the process. We need a new social contract with creation,” he explains. - Mr Cucinelli believes artificial intelligence offers both solutions and challenges. “Technology is a blessing from creation, but sometimes it steals the soul that creation bestowed upon us,” he says. However, he adds, when used correctly, “AI will be just a partner for us, and we will rediscover the value of truth and human beings.” When it comes to planning for the future of his company, Cucinelli hopes his successor will share his humanistic ethos. “I would like my company to still be there for the coming 100, 200 years. And I would like whoever runs it to keep believing in a contemporary capitalism, to make a fair profit while respecting human beings and creation.”




Bottega Veneta Summer 24 Show




Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons present Prada SS24 Womenswear Collection




Alberta Ferretti Spring Summer 2024 Fashion Show

A vision of lightness and movement; a definitive affirmation femininity that is never static.




Moschino SS24 fashion show




Gucci Ancora Fashion Show

MAFF Shop Icon



Gucci Fall Winter 2023

The House presents the new campaign featuring Vittoria Ceretti and Aboubakar Konte. Captured in Milan by David Sims against an evocative green backdrop, the imagery showcases a series of looks that debuted during the women’s and men’s fashion shows. Music “Brakhage” by Stereolab




Dolce&Gabbana: Interview with the designers

"If we can do it, others can too." - Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana Embracing Italian craftsmanship, Dolce&Gabbana began their journey in Milan, 1984. With passion and only two million lire, they founded a brand that embodies sartorial tradition, Mediterranean culture, and innovative flair. From clothing collections to Alta Moda, each creation reveals the dedication of skilled artisans and a love for beauty. Inspired by art and Italian heritage, #DolceGabbana create unique garments, accessories, and more, showcasing a legacy of knowledge and emotion.

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Bottega Veneta Summer 24 Show



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