Galib Gassanoff




ACT N°1 Fall Winter 2021-22

The mood is attained in the concept of Earth as a force capable of absorbing civilizations. A contemporary room invaded by sand. Human memories that remain in creations, shaped like pain-tings and history reflected through antique Chinese watercolour paintings hanging on the white walls of a gallery. Paintings turn into clothing and move like a sundial, shaping dancers circling clockwise around the room. The vision translates time passing and the change of things, the evolution of humanity. The future repeats itself and the past always follows around, in a perpetual race. A girl covered in pearls, eternally asleep, is surrounded by her community, covering her with flowers. Is she lost or dead? A ballerina dancing on pointe portrays the phoenix death through the purification of fire, destroying what has been, while being born again from its own ashes. It is an eternal powerful transformation through fire, life winning death, creation overcoming destruction, past surpassed by future: every single flame in its diversity while keeping its form of fire. The new collection follows the path and stays true to the brand’s DNA, challenging traditional tailo-ring and dressmaking. Ruffled tulle, structured jacquard and liquid silk, crisp cotton and soft knitwear play on contrast. Shoulders built like blooms, draped sleeves, shirts melting inside dresses and tren-ches pleated against their will. Jackets and shirts sometimes become bodysuits. Signature landscape Chinese fine art continues to be a symbol and a mesage for the brand.




ACT N°1 Spring Summer 2023

In search for the forbidden inner self. We conceal one too many personalities under the skin. We show a face for different occasions. Are we fake? Or another way round? Are we wonders with the skills to do so? Behind the mask we imprison the soul, in the struggle to get away and reach peace. Masks have been used and developed for self-defence, expression and prison and evolved into masterpieces of culture, art and history, over the centuries. During the show the concept is being expressed by Traditional Chinese Opera elements with revised details to represent the present moment: our past will always influence our future. Patch military pockets resemble a uniform of a servicewoman, a fighter, sometimes with feminine distortions. Corsets, tulle ruffles with volume, texture and sometimes structure give the idea of a shield.

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