What I learned by befriending Iranians on Facebook

Iran looks a certain way to Westerners. But a look into the day to day lives of normal Iranians can change that perception. Thank you Vox for producing this.




A Visual Essay About Nothing

British-Ghanaian Creative Director and filmmaker, Justin Akomiah, invites viewers on an unparalleled journey through the intricacies artists face in a visual masterpiece.




Emotions Beneath The Surface

Arjun & Huishi were both international students in the US. "We decided to document our emotions about living away from home and represent it visually. For 30 days, we noted qualitative and quantitative parameters like how many times we called home, the number of times we tried to save money, and how often we switched to our native language. We visually represented this data as different parts of a dandelion."





Photography by Simón Colombo and Gerónimo Tanoira. With the participation of Bautista Bengolea, Agustín Miles and Pato Carrere. Music and foley by Geronimo Tanoira. Transfer by Leche. Monologue by Alan Watts in "Conversations with myself". Kodak Super 16mm film.





"We shot an experimental fashion visualizer on 16mm & 35mm film. This project was originally conceptualized as a metaphor for my angst as a freelance artist, in all its chaos and uncertainty. I believe in powerful yet vulnerable storytelling for women, of women, and by women." The story follows an Asian girl assassin who operates only at night. She is quick and innovative, and what she does, she does best: she’s a killer. But she flies a bit too close to the sun; she grows careless, she parties too hard, and the thrill of the money eclipses the risk of danger. She gets sloppy, but the jobs keep coming, and there is no one except herself to clean up the mess she leaves behind.




The Films of Andy Warhol | Live from the Whitney

To celebrate the publication of The Films of Andy Warhol Catalogue Raisonné, 1963–1965, Volume 2, this program illuminates Andy Warhol’s practice as a filmmaker, exploring the relationship between his films and his work in other media, and the importance of his films to twentieth-century art history. John G. Hanhardt, general editor of The Films of Andy Warhol Catalogue Raisonné, 1963–1965, and former Curator and Head of Film and Video at the Whitney, will be joined by film scholar Bruce Jenkins and filmmaker Tom Kalin, contributors to the catalogue raisonné, to speak about the history of Warhol’s engagement with cinema and to share insights into why Warhol's films have been influential for generations of artists while also remaining largely unknown until now.





Flutter is an experimental ambient track for acoustic cello and electronics by MIZU, from her upcoming album Forest Scenes - releasing 3/22. “Flutter” celebrates and juxtaposes themes of exploration within constraint, limitlessness within seeming limits, and the resilience of independent voices against unknown textures. Exploring the dynamics between contrasting elements (symbolized by the characters of White and Black), within the atmospheric presence of a cello, we embark on a quest for understanding through movement and performance. Embodied by two queer Asian performers, the journey is an ode to self-acceptance and transformation. A lone cello, elevated to the status of a spiritual object, acts as a silent witness and catalyst, summoning the protagonists together within a mysterious void space. In the later shift to the reality world, we are revealed to be within an empty rehearsal studio, where the characters’ movements echo from prior, reaching for an ever unattainable ideal. The void space and its real-world parallel become a figurative forest, spaces for exploration of self through elements of performance and movement. The video charts the personal connections to performance of both protagonists; MIZU’s musical origins lying within the realms of musical theater, and Zhou’s current experimental practice being rooted within their drama background. Bringing together two performers of diverse practices, “Flutter” is an ode to the mysterious magic within the crossroads of the world of theater. 2nd AC / Trainee - Noah Gravillis Gaffer - Ian Chen Grip - Aldo Vassallo Wardrobe - Alice Seon Makeup Artist - Shamis McGillin Editor - Mason CW Graphic Design - Daedalus Li Song Credits Composed, performed, and recorded by: MIZU Mixing and additional production: Ariel Loh Mastered by: Taylor Deupree/12k Mastering @ Additional production: Ben Shirken




MAFF Tour: Save the Dogs - Protectora de Animales de Maldonado

We are saving a homeless dog shelter in Uruguay with the local creative community. https://linktr.ee/arteabeneficio




Pink Panther The Builder! | 35-Minute Compilation








Tu es bien assez (You are enough)

A young woman faces rejection and struggles with low self-esteem. Throughout her emotional journey, she battles inner demons and finally comes to a powerful realization – she deserves to accept herself and declares her worth, despite societal pressures. 'Making this film was, in many ways, a therapeutic conversation with myself. Struggling with my first depressive episode, I felt the urgent need to confront and challenge the internal dialogue that constantly questioned my worth and show it through a video work' - Director, Lada Gronskaia, is originally from Saint Petersburg, Russia and is currently based in Paris, France. Models: Anna Orlova, Anastasia Mironava, Anastasiya Vinnik, Vlad Ivanov





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Photography by Simón Colombo and Gerónimo Tanoira. With the participation of Bautista Bengolea, Agustín Miles and Pato Carrere. Music and foley by Geronimo Tanoira. Transfer by Leche. Monologue by Alan Watts in "Conversations with myself". Kodak Super 16mm film.



I'm a Creative Director born in the U.S and raised in Argentina, where I grew up in contact with nature, frequently traveling around the Province of Buenos Aires and Patagonia. I started developing a sharp eye as a kid painting landscapes, and later experimented with sound, recording alternative music. While studying subjects like art history, cinema, literature and anthropology during my years at College, I started looking for meaning in the complex world of images that surround us. I had the opportunity to be a student of renowned film directors like Werner Herzog and Lucrecia Martel, who inspired me to follow filmmaking as a way of life, caring for the visions arising from personal and collective experiences.

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