The Emotion Industry

The Emotion Industry is the pairs audio visual comment on the modern digital landscape and its influence - “There is an unfathomable power to blur reality as we know it. The ability to discern what’s real and what’s not is becoming increasingly difficult - social media super computers using data points to push your buttons for manufacturing consent, Ai articles and deep fake images add to the illusion. The ability too really ‘see’ the objective reality of what’s been created is the new enlightenment” We aim to use the most modern cutting edge techniques available to us. Sometimes embracing the errors and inconsistencies in the knowledge that when the “bugs” are ironed out and the tech made smooth these errors will be lost forever. Capturing the spaces in between advancement is an essential archive to advancement. Yesterday’s idiosyncrasies are today’s nostalgia. Recorded between London, L.A, and Canada using tape and vintage analogue equipment - Emotion industry is a narrative reflecting on sense of self, and identity in the digital realm - a visual album of dream logic scored through the lens of Afro Futurism, Asian Industrial electronica, Sound System music, Post Rave and Dub. Spatial Awareness Recordings




Limelight x Gabriel Schama: Pachamama

Collaboration featuring the physical work of Gabriel Schama brought to life by Limelight's projection mapping artwork. Find the artists on Instagram at: @gabrielschama @limelight3dmapping Videographer: @vizionators Producer: @scottiedoooo Editing: @kevincampean Music: Alex Riczkó




Mayyas Official - HORRA

Director: Nadim Cherfan Concept & Choreography : Nadim Cherfan Music Composition & Sound Design: Harry Hedeshian DOP: Shadi Chaaban Directing Supervision: George Peter Barbari Producer: Christelle Younes Production House: Bittersweet Pictures Mayyas Manager: Lea Ghorayeb Look Consultant : Elie Khater Mayyas General Assistant: Jad Atallah Assistant Choreographer : Lea Haj Mixed and Mastered by Rami Hashash Dancers: Andrea Abboud Anya Alaeddin Aya Charaf Carole Nahra Christel Fakhry Christina Aramouni Dania Honein Douna Estephan Elsa Maroun Farah AlKazzi Hanady Estephan Jana Obeid Lana Jarmakani Lilia Haj Liliya Chahine Lourdes Antoury Lynn Haydar Marcelle Assal Marlyn Sleiman Mayssa Zacca Nathalia Wakim Nicole Hanna Nour AlKazzi Raya Sakr Rasha Akkawi Rebecca Achkar Remy Yazbeck Rita Samaha Roxane Finianos Stephanie Nougeaim Thea Hardan Thelma Merhej Vanessa Nougeaim Yaroslava Fawzi Production Manager: Elie Ziade Assistant director: Wael Deeb Art Director: Ramy Nabha Construction Manager / SFX Supervisor: Roger Karkinly Styling: Christy Samaha Make up & Hair: Eva Atallah & Joseph Saad CGI & Compositing: Rafi Tannous Editor: Gerard Daccache Colorist: Marina Starke Photographer: Tarek Moukaddem Horra Logo Design: Hamza Mekdad First AC: Jimmy Sawma DIT: Ralph Moussa VTO: Elie Naccouzi BTS: Celine Dagher Gaffer: Mizyed Azrai Best Boy: Joseph Chahine Grip: Rawad Homeimes Assistant Grip: Hadi Homeimes Assistant Grip: Pierre Homeimes Movi Technician: Gaby Naaseh Electricians : Tony Baboujian Christ jensesian Saleh hussein Tony Laflouf Elie Kourieh Elie costantine Micho syegha Paul achkouty Props Master: Firas Ghraizi Props Master: Christelle Kiameh Casting: Nassib Achkar / Promote Yourself Old Lady: Linda Chedid Location: Sursock palace Studio: Venue Verde Unit: H&H Unit manager: Haidar Ismail Unit team: Fouad El Rez Ali Maanaki Moustafa El Hajj Hassan Catering: Poids Plume by Mira Moussa Storyboard Artist: Christelle Halal Production Coordinator: Jad Nehme Production Assistant: Zoe Abou Nader Production Assistant: Carine Malek Production Assistant: Nour Torbey Runner: Mario Noujaim Rotoscope and retouching: Amjad Neoushi Equipment: FinalCut Equipped




Open Eyes

Hand-drawn animation with ink and white-out.




MGMT - MGMT Full Album




Swwart Wovlve Wolve




Kowloon - Wake Up

A breezy summer jam perfect for the heat accompanied by a tastefully illustrated video by Mexico City based animator, Cossa.




Max Cooper - Pulse at the Centre of Being

Max Cooper: This piece of music was a mechanism to reset to what felt like some core state. It was the feeling of being, minus all the mess that gets added over the years, and I tried to communicate that childlike aspect to it as honestly as I could. So, it’s a very simple piece of music, and one where I’ve added a lot of space around the core pulse so that it’s soft and wraps around you as the listener. The visual reference I had for the project was a pulsing core of our perception of feeling at the centre of our body. Tsz-wing explored the idea with hand drawn animations, playing on the ideas of simple human expression, with pulsing growth stemming from our skeletal structure as some sort of source of our experience. It’s a chapter of the story where we escape the more troubled self-analysis of earlier sections and set the scene for the ending. The spatial audio mix with Joe Wilkinson follows the theme of a central pulse, expanding and pulsing towards and past us as the listener, when the person on screen starts to grow outwards.




POLO & PAN feat. Jacques - From A World To Another





Client: Universal Music x truworks




Die Antwoord - Age of Illusion

An AI video directed by Sagans for the beloved Cape Town musicians' newest single.




Psychedelic Fractal Therapy

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Welcome to Kitty City



Cyriak Harris, known mononymously as Cyriak and his B3ta username Mutated Monty, is an English freelance animator and composer. He is known for his surreal and bizarre short web animations with the frequent use of the Droste effect.

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