Tycho - Time To Run


"The video for Time To Run is based around a cross country meet I ran in when I was first starting out in the sport. Cross country races can be a very solitary pursuits; spectators, coaches and officials are all there at the starting area but once the race begins you disappear into the woods where it’s just you against the other runners, carrying all the expectations of the outside world. The intense pressure and overwhelming physical stress of the moment can make you want to just keep running and never look back. This story is about letting go of the expectations of others and finding your own peace and fulfillment." - Scott Hansen / Tycho Assistant Camera: Charlie Knott Starring: Cashton Tate Rehklau Cast: Aidan Leclaire Joshua Chiosi Grant Gobell Eddie Shamus Album Shen Dana Dolvin Beau Bown Grizzly Grimes Charlie Knott

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