Partel Oliva is the creative partnership of Lola Raban-Oliva & JR Etienne, who’s multidisciplinary work spans the many platforms for film, art and fashion today. Hailing from the south of France and the Caribbean island of Martinique, they are modern visual storytellers that find inspiration in fact, fiction and feeling: from multi-sensory runway shows, to art galleries in virtual reality, to dance solos in hyperreal forests. As former creative directors for all of KENZO's visual communications, they are renowned for turning the legendary brand into an avant-garde powerhouse, breaking the mould in the fashion space, showcasing new talents and reinventing mediums while partnering on now iconic work with the likes of Spike Jonze and Kahlil Joseph. Rich in narrative, Partel Oliva’s work draws on a continued exploration of local identities and self-expression in a globalised world. From sumptuous homages to club culture as a powerful source of alternative energies against racism, sexual oppression and class violence, to dreamy reinterpretations of Japanese folk tales, their subversive, avant-garde approach has attracted clients including Chanel, i-D, ASOS and Lauryn Hill to their world.

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