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We had a showroom sale on the streets of Orchard & Hester. PLASTIC IS THE COMMON ENEMY.




Christelle Kocher of KOCHÉ | MAFF Artist Spotlight

KOCHÉ is a fashion brand established in Paris by Christelle Kocher in 2015. KOCHÉ is on a mission to push values of openness in fashion: diversity & inclusion of genders, body shapes, materials used, social and geographical origins.. moreover, KOCHÉ DNA is based on elevated craft know-how.




Rick Owens answers questions on queer culture, punk gigs and sex clubs

i-D asked iconic fashion designer Rick Owens to answer an array of weird and wonderful questions sent from his friends, family and peers including Sissy Misfit, Kris Van Assche, Stephen Jones, Gwendoline Christie, Ludovic de Saint Sernin and more. Covering everything from queer history, sex clubs and his favourite films (you’d be surprised!) to life with muse-slash-partner Michèle Lamy and his new Dr. Martens collab, the Californian provocateur gives us a rare insight into his psyche. Many thanks to OWENSCORP for supplying imagery referenced in the film. Photography by Brian Cooke Dr. Martens x Rick Owens Campaign featuring Sissy Misfit, 2024 Photography by Bertrand Rindoff Petroff Photos Rick Castro IG: @castrrick Photography by Gary Leonard Constantine Kaloutas IG: @anthr0morph Fecal Matter IG: @matieresfecales Photography by Darren Gerrish Photography by Dave Benett




The tale of Cecilie Bahnsen

Step inside Cecilie Bahnsen's fantastical universe to see how the magic happensIn our exclusive video below, Cecilie Bahnsen takes Vogue Scandinavia inside her Copenhagen atelier.In it, we’re introduced to her team and meet her head of production Mailis Giros, her pattern maker Friederike Waschk, her design assistant Sandrine Tabarin and product development assistant Stine as we get an insight into the romantic atelier.“It’s a balance between the romantic and the simplistic,” she tells us of her fantastical, girlish garments, with signatures of puffed sleeves, empire waists and cutouts. Starring: Cecilie Bahnsen, Mailis Giros, Friederike Waschk, Sandrine Tabarin, Stine Nordsveen Models: Julie Garcia Alba Akvama




The Upcycler: Nicole McLaughlin

Nicole McLaughlin, Instagram's favourite upcycler, who also consults with major fashion brands to help them understand what to do with their faulty or leftover stock. Fashioning one-of-a-kind creations out of everything from egg boxes to volleyballs, Nicole McLaughlin has shown 443,000 followers that upcycling can be cool.




Lado Bokuchava

Lado Bokuchava is a Georgian fashion label, founded by Lado Bokuchava. The brand was initially focused on womenswear collections. Careful observation and curiosity in the world, society, and culture are the core of LB’s creativity and modernity. Giving the user a unique identity, rather than keeping the focus on the brand itself. Each collection consist of looks for every body type. Designer’s priority is pattern making. Pieces are characterized by unusual and unexpected cuts, various color combinations and details, but multifunctional and very comfortable to wear. Lado Bokuchava engages with new ways to reduce environmental impacts, using recycled and vegan fabrics. All pieces are handcrafted in Tbilisi, Georgia.

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STEM / Sarah Brunnhuber

Sarah is the Founder of Stem, an industry changing approach to how clothing is made. Our novel zero-waste woven textile system eliminates garment production waste. A Stem garment is made from (recycled) natural fibres and produced using our unique weaving, cutting and sewing technique.‍ View More on shop.maff.tv/collections/stem




Studio Visit with Leevi Ikäheimo





Fear of God presents Collection 8 “Behind the Vision” the short film documenting the journey to our first runway show at the Hollywood Bowl. Camera Operators: Lane Stewart, Ryder Sloane Music: James William Blades, Max Richter and Dinah Washington, Ray Charles Sound Mixing: Colton Jackson, Slips Studios




Mariuka Corsini of Siam Circle

Roaming Stones in a conversation with Mariuka Corsini, founder of a sustainable upcycling clothing brand Siam Circle. Siam Circle clothing is part of a solution, rather than a problem. Learn how Mariuka deconstructs recycled clothing as her fabric and repurposes them into new creations.




Vu Thao of Kilomet109

Kilomet 109 was born from the vision of Vu Thao, designer, artist and eco-entrepreneur in Vietnam. Thao is a leader among the pioneering group of young designers who have made Hanoi an emerging creative hub of the fashion world. Thao’s vision encompasses every detail of the production process: using organic fibers and traditional techniques of vegetable dying, Thao works with her team of local artisans to grow, spin, weave, color and print Kilomet 109 fabrics. This defines a new type of ready-to-wear couture: hand-made, hand-stitched garments from a designer who works directly with local artisans on every element that goes into them. Vu Thao enhances the philosophy of slow fashion, as opposed to mass fast fashion. She produces ecological clothes, for a new sustainable living.




Brunello Cucinelli on Humanistic Capitalism in an Age of AI

At a time of great change, Cucinelli believes that businesses must strike a balance between embracing technological innovation that could threaten livelihoods, like AI, to push creativity forward while also keeping humanity at the heart of business. “I believe in a kind of contemporary way of capitalism. Since 1978, Brunello Cucinelli’s namesake brand has been a standard-bearer for both luxury clothing and a more responsible way of doing business. At a time of great change, Cucinelli believes that businesses must strike a balance between embracing technological innovation that could threaten livelihoods, like AI, to push creativity forward while also keeping humanity at the heart of business. “I believe in a kind of contemporary way of capitalism. We are a listed company. We do want to make a profit, but a fair profit at that. There should be a balance between profit and giving back,” he explains. Key Insights: - Cucinelli’s approach to labour is guided by his working-class upbringing and seeing his father was demeaned and belittled at work. “I saw tears in his eyes and that was my source of inspiration to have a completely different vision of the world,” he says. “I wanted my human beings to be surrounded by pleasant places. I wanted them to make handsome money. And I wanted them to be treated like thinking souls.” -This philosophy of ‘humanistic capitalism’ also extends to customers. “We need to redress the balance. Shoppers want to know exactly where a specific item has been made, how it's been made, whether creation has harmed it along the process. We need a new social contract with creation,” he explains. - Mr Cucinelli believes artificial intelligence offers both solutions and challenges. “Technology is a blessing from creation, but sometimes it steals the soul that creation bestowed upon us,” he says. However, he adds, when used correctly, “AI will be just a partner for us, and we will rediscover the value of truth and human beings.” When it comes to planning for the future of his company, Cucinelli hopes his successor will share his humanistic ethos. “I would like my company to still be there for the coming 100, 200 years. And I would like whoever runs it to keep believing in a contemporary capitalism, to make a fair profit while respecting human beings and creation.”

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Studio Visit with Leevi Ikäheimo



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