What I learned by befriending Iranians on Facebook

Iran looks a certain way to Westerners. But a look into the day to day lives of normal Iranians can change that perception. Thank you Vox for producing this.





Production Assistant: Hannah Clark B-Camera: Joshua Nartey & Solomon Armah
 Styling & Fire Choreography: Prince Aryee Body painting & Acrobatic Choreography: Emmanuel Laryea Editor: Tom Ringsby Colourist: Andi Chu @ Black Kite Studios Title design: Sam Osmond MUSIC Original music composed, recorded and mixed by Dicky at Migration Studios Hand drums and flute performed by Jah Izi Xylophone performed by Alex Andre K Akpe 5.1 Mix by Bendik Toming @ Family Day Recordings Vocal performances by: Prince Aryee Bright Anokye Solomon Kotey Neequaye Augustus Lutterodt Emmanuel Laryea Migration Studios assistant: Lettice Weedie Shot on Kodak film Processed at Kodak Film Lab UK 
An Intergalactic Studios Production THANKS Abajo, Madam Gold, Akosia, Black Jesus, Vuyo, Philip Syse, Henry Gill, Rhory Danniells, Simon Halsall, Frogner Kino One Love.





At the modern-day crossroads of Turkey and Syria, the neighborhood of Istasyon is taken over by children with cameras. Through their gaze, they transform cinder block villages into portals and roam freely across abandoned train tracks to Sirkhane Darkroom, an oasis of red light and pomegranate trees, where their images are born. Darkroom is an experimental and celebratory portrait of Istasyon’s youth and their capacity to forge an alternate reality within a conflict zone. Embedded in this vibrant 16mm film, a co-creation between the film crew and these photography students is a reverence for the mysterious power and intimacy of analog image-making. Starring - SIRKHANE DARKROOM Additional Camera - STUDENTS AT SIRKHANE DARKROOM WORKSHOP Sound Mixer - AIDAN REYNOLDS Colorist - BRENNAN BARSELL Produced by - ASLI BAYKAL GILLIAN GARCIA RAF FELLNER Executive Producer - ASLI BAYKAL SERBEST SALIH




Shanghai Forever

Amid the chaos of millions of people living and working with one another, the rich textures and smells, the voices and faces young and old, and the signs of tradition and change dwell behind each door and around each corner. With JT's riveting visual storytelling, viewers experience a series of impressions around historic shikkumen neighbourhoods, which foster a network of real-life experiences, memories, and encounters with locals, which are the tender heart keeping the city alive and charming to live in. Shanghai’s iconic skyline is symbolic of its presence as a premier global city, but below the towers, the intimate, and human story that unfolds is what will always be part of the city’s core DNA.





Fujifilm Indonesia mempersembahkan Proyek “Kota Kita”, mengeksplorasi empat kota besar di Indonesia dan karakteristiknya melalui perspektif Fujifilm X-A7.




Dilara Conquers Istanbul

Camera Assistant: Sinan Akdogan Director Assistant: Kerem Sahinoglu Edit: Adem Ustaoglu Online: Sinan Akdogan Color: Gokhan Goktepe Graphic Designer: Kutberk Kaya Narrative Editor: Izlem Arsiya Production Manager: Begum Tabak Skaters: Yusuf Duran Kerem Sahinoglu Cagatay Akdeniz Cengizhan Bayir Azra Sanduvaç A Yillar Ziyan Production 2020




Francis Alÿs Children’s Game #22: Jump Rope

Hong Kong, 2020; 5:28 min In collaboration with Rafael Ortega, Julien Devaux, and Félix Blume




Train Surfers

In Train Surfers, thrill-seeking young men tempt fate doing stunts on Mumbai’s high-speed trains




Meet STARKIDS, Tokyo’s Insane Response To The Rise Of Hyperpop

In an exclusive short film, filmmaker Jeremy Rubier gets to know each member of the group @STARKIDS, their chaotic brand of billingual hyperpop, and why, though underground, they’re poised for global fame.




Patagonia ‘Mirador del Sur’

Part-Chilean, part-Argentinian - the territory has no official geographical boundaries; a land defined by stories, antiquated maps & historical discoveries of new lands. Dreaming of crossing Patagonia overland, our adventure took us by foot - hiking Torres del Paine, renting 4x4’s, overnight buses & ferries through the fjords, the Southern-most commuter train in South America & a guy we paid $200 to drive us 8hrs across the border on gravel roads when there were no other means. 5 weeks & almost 3000 miles, across Patagonia. Shot on Fuji XT3




Boccadasse, Italy 1968

16mm 6K scan downsampled HD. 1968 Kodachrome Bolex h-16. Standard post processing by Matteo Ricchetti.




როცა დედამიწა მსუბუქია - GOSLAB - WHEN THE EARTH SEEMS TO BE LIGHT

Zaza Rusadze for Zazarfilm, Temur Ugulava, Zazarfilm production Levan Maisuradze, David Meskhi, Tamuna Karumidze cinematographer Georgia, Germany 2015 Young Georgian skaters, artists and musicians feel trapped between the powers of the church and the political world. They create their own open spaces beneath viaducts and at other “non-places” that lend themselves to romantic notions of a free existence. Questions are posed to them about God, love and freedom, but these boys would much rather just be skating – for many of them it has grown into an obsession. They may be unfazed by painful falls, but narrow-mindedness really gets to them. One of them was bullied because of his hairstyle, and he explains that Georgians simply won’t accept people who look different. Many of their friends share their bleak vision of their country. The way they see it, Georgia is all about the old rather than the new. They get no acknowledgement here, so they spend their evenings throwing Molotov cocktails at a concrete slope. Their tattoos are “a diary you can’t escape from. You tattoo what you feel; what’s important for you at that moment.” The portraits of the skaters are based on a series of photos by David Meskhi, one of the three co-directors. This impression of their daily lives is intercut with news footage of demonstrations in Georgia.

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Second Tier City


"Heart-breaking glimpse of large-scale urbanization in China and its consequences." A short documentary about the city Yiwu in China and the people who live there. Yiwu has the largest small item market in the world which has over 50,000 stores. Young people in the surrounding area have been moving there to start a business. Its called Second Tier City because cities in China are ranked by the government based on the money they generate, among other things, and Yiwu is considered second behind cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou which are First Tier. Yiwu for it’s size is ranked rather high because of the massive market where you can buy every type of small item manufactured in China in one place and the massive amount of money and trade that generates. This film primarily follows the lives of two young women who are chasing their dreams in Yiwu.


Matt Moroz is a director and cinematographer from Victoria BC Canada who got his start in music videos in Montreal. From there he moved to NYC and went on to commercial work with clients like Ford, Converse, Skullcandy, BMO, HTC and Vice. He is now working on a feature film in Myanmar.

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