La Femme - Ciao Paris!




Zimmer90 - Summer Rain (Lyric Video)




RAYE - Genesis.

Creative Agency: Cuyjet Studio Production Company: Blackrush x KODE Executive Producers: RAYE, Nathan Killham, Mikey Robbins, Otis Dominique, Andre Wooz, Liz Adeleye RAYE’s Digital Lead: Alexandra Dairo DOP: David Wright Lead Editor: Phoebe May 1st Assistant Director: Ty Hack Artist Movement Choreographer: Maureen Moores Choreographer: Sadeck Berrabah Colourist: Stef Colosi Colourist: Jonny Tully Production Manager: Dante Roberts Production Coordinator: Scarlet Green Production Assistant: Cerys Kenneally Production Admin Assistant: Lucie Schmidt Production Designer: Jaclyn Pappalardo 2nd Assistant Director: Elsa Grace 3rd Assistant Director: Jessica Lee AD Runner: Miles Bruce-Jones AD Runner: Chantell Kirton 1st Assistant Camera: Paul Snell 1st Assistant Camera: Hopi Demattio 2nd Assistant Camera: Apolo Wilson AR Steadicam Operator: Josh Brooks Thermal Camera Operator: Phoebe May Key Grip: Paul Mammone Key Grip: Grant Rowe Crane Tech: Dan Hegarty Crane Head Tech: Dan Blundy Grip Trainee: Adam Simmons LED Screen Tech: Kris Mazia LED Screen Tech: Michal Kyschky Art Assistant: Daniel Munro Construction Assistant: Alan Roshier Gaffer: Riaz Ahmed Best Boy: John Harkins Spark: Bailey Langford Spark: Chay McGill Spark: Stanisław Proszowski Spark: James Booker Desk Operator: Eddie Cook Video Playback: Ben Mcconnel DIT: Núria Pérez DIT: Andre Sapori RAYE Stylist: Lauren Groves RAYE Stylist Assistant: Eliza Goldsmith RAYE Hair Stylist: Alex Price RAYE Make-Up Artist: Lan Nguyen Cast Stylist: El-Shaddai Nyagodzi Cast Stylist Assistant: Richy Da Silva Cast Stylist Assistant: Emily Young Cast Hair Stylist: Jana Pirosko Cast Make-Up Artist: Yong Chin Cast Make-Up Artist: Grace Hayward Cast Make-Up Artist: Yelena Konnova Runner Driver: Sonny Greaney Runner: Maxim J Elliot Runner: Khalil Vaughan Runner: Venus Baginski Runner: Rene Rehak Runner: Beth Jespersen Runner: Divine Owoola 16mm B-Roll: Alex Georgiades Unit Stills: Zach Maynard Unit Stills: Louis Clackett Medic: Andy Taylor Medic: Kevin Peach Security: Chris Bird Post Producer: Liz Adeleye 1st Assistant Editor: Samuel Maton AI Video Content: Noper VFX Studio: TK-FX VFX Post-Producer: Johan Barrios VFX Compositor: Salvatore Lo Cascio - VFX Compositor: Rahomanhan VFX Compositor: Joe Forden CG / Comp: Denova Media CG / Comp: Greezus CG / Comp: @michal.rech Onset Sup: Nino Oz Roto: Indigo VFX DAILIES CREW: DOP: Sam Meyer 1st Assistant Camera: Adam Fox Spark: Connor Baskey Runner: Toby Leahy




minji - Looking for mice




Virginie B - Hyperboi

Label: Bonsound Stylisme: Andy Jon @andyjon__ Production: Louane Williams @louanew Direction photo et caméra: Félix Perrault @felixpayroll Coaching physique: David-Emmanuel Jauniaux @davemjau Jupe: Jade Simard @textilehustler Guêtres: Delphine Grégoire-Gendron @delphinegregoire_ Télévisions et installation: R. Mason @skeletron Colorisation: Guillaume Piché @gui_piche_colo Montage: Rosalie Bordeleau @rozbordel Réalisation: Rosalie Bordeleau @rozbordel




Mitski - Bug Like an Angel

Production Manager: Lucy Rennick Associate Producer: Jordan Alexander 1st AD: Tasha Petty 2nd AD: Taylor Harris-Butler PA: Aaron Prescott PA: Tim Lopez PA: Adrian Lausell PA: Kaileen Rozanski 1st AC: Rob Agulo 2nd AC: Jeff Pollina Gaffer: Eric Sorensen Key Grip: Dominic Ciofalo BBE: David Williamson BBG: Austin Blankenau Stylist Asst: Bailey Rose Brown HMU: Lauren Citera HMU asst: Mary Chapman VFX: Miled Boulos BTS: Rafe Scobey Thal Casting: Michele Mansoor Choir: Janis Russell, Brandon Peterson, Cara Brownell, Wayne Babineaux, Jonsie Cheatham, Barbra Dahl, Susan Farwell, Michael Finch, Cigmond Millnery, Kelsey Swift, Nelson Kezoh, Brandon Peterson, Vilma Donovan Special thanks: The Lafayette Inspirational Ensemble & Choir at Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian church, Ramzi Hibri, Lucid Post, jv8inc, Iva Gocheva, Tala Safié, Ben Levin, Robby Morris, Good Harbor Music, Toufic Safié




Joost - Luchtballon

Produced by Tantu Beats & Thijmen Melissant Written and Performed by Joost Klein (1999)




Cariño - Bisexual




Channel Tres - Cactus Water




Polardegos - Nunca

En Rojomacatin Produksjon Prosjektleder & Regi - Mads Hanssen Foto, Regi, Klipp & Grade - Cato Lauvli B Kamera, Regi, Klipp & Kunst - Martin Losvik Lys, Rigg og Legende - Ronny Lorentsen Lys, Rigg og også Legende - Jostein Nyvik Takk til: Kontrafei Media, Stian Jenssen, Thomas Johansen, Bodø Bunkermuseum v. Thomas Lillevoll, Dama Di og Audun Selnes aka Pott & Panne. Mix og Master av musikk: Vegard Kleftås Sleipnes / Reel to Reel mastering / Subsonic Society




Sault - Wildfires




Billie Eilish - LUNCH

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Félix Dol Maillot grew up in a family of artists that spent its time between Paris and the shores of the Mediterranean. Raised on street culture, a lover of graphic arts and cycling, he threw himself into the world of fashion by creating a brand of clothes and accessories with his brother in 2011. In New York in 2013 he discovered photography almost by chance alongside the still life photographer Lionel Koretzky, and fashion photographers such as Nathaniel Goldberg, Julia Noni, Charlotte Wales, Theo Wenner, Tom Munro… He began to create his own series, and each of his projects allowed him to enhance his style. For the past three years he has developed his own unique universe. His eye watches out for geometric conjunctures, odd symmetries and fortuitous synchronicity. At any moment a ray of sunshine or a line of shadow or a low wall may forge a strange formal perfection. A perfection that, despite appearances, is fragile and transient. It is the outcome of chance circumstances that the artist has succeeded in tracking down. It is an absolute harmony between things, a new, rectilinear harmony or the modern world. A world that man's orthogonal mania has profoundly redesigned. A curious and abstract world that this young artist has resolved to follow and capture. Felix Dol Maillot is currently based in Paris.

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