Laufey - Goddess

Starring Laufey and Will Gao Produced by Iconoclast Co-Produced by LFR Director’s Rep: Cheyenne Shannon, Jamie Rabineau @ Lark Creative Executive Producer: Francesco Colombo Founder / MD LFR: Luigi Rossi Line Producer: Raven Jensen Production Manager: Lucy Rennick 1st AD: Laura Klein Creative Director: Junia Lin Video Commissioner: Bianca Bhagat Label: AWAL Management: Max Gredinger for Foundations Day-to-Day Management: Jackie Karlsson for Foundations Director of Photography: Daniel Bouquet 1st AC: Arjun Bajaj 2nd AC: Lucy Moloney Film Loader: Josh Bote Gaffer: Omar Nasr Best/Swing: Agustina Biasurro Best/Swing: Alexander Key Grip: Bill Hilferty Best Boy Grip: Jon Mendez Production Designer: Madison Hatch Art Director: Taja Feistner Set Decorator: Steven Killian Picture Car Driver: Besim Tahiri Art PA: Abe Alawi Stylist: Britt Theodora Stylist Assistant: Alexandra Crown Key HMUA: Abby Berni Assistant HMUA: Ashtyn Thurber Add'l HMUA: Lauren Citera Editor: Carla Luff @ Cabin Edit Cabin Producer: Linden Carty Colorist: Sofie Borup @ Company 3 Company 3 Producer: Shannen Troup Sound Design/ Sound Mix: Jeremy Emery Locations Manager: Matthew Dipple Set PA: Spencer Strickland Set PA: Ashley Christopher Leach Truck PA: Ainsley Samuda Truck PA Ridealong: Owen Palmer Sound Op: Catherine Hood BTS: Katherine Gouged




Dora Jar - She Loves Me




Peach Fuzz - What Do You Want From This?




JW Francis - Pretending




Plum - With You




Rumania - Imán & Cósima

Dirección de fotografía y color: Ivan Palazzo Caputo Asistente de dirección: Ezequiel Raad Asistente de cámara: Ramiro Gossn Foto fija: Fiona Saftich Diseño de tapa: Cósima Fricke Maquillaje: Makeup by Tiago Vestuario: Miuki Madelaire





Digital plants laboratory based on the work of Luigi Serafini.




ANAÏS MVA - 24 Février

Productrice: Agnès Boulard Coordinateur de Production: Matthieu Fusil Assistant de Production: Maël Dufossé 1er Assistant Réalisateur Jacques Mady Directeur de la photographie: Piotr Lebryk 1er Assistant opérateur: Henri Cosson Chef électricien: Ulysse Branchereau Electricienne: Philomène le Palud Electricien: Luc Desprez Chef Machiniste: Jean Le Gouill Machiniste: Lucas Detry Set Designer: System F Make Up Artist: Julie Coone Assistante make up: Lea Villalobos Styliste: Roxane Noel 1er Assistante styliste: Anais N’Diaye 2nd Assistant styliste: Maël Charton Régisseur Général: Mathurin Pezon Régisseur Adjoint: Hughues Lequippe Assistant Régie: Kevin Ozcan Assistant Régie: Clement Chouleur Monteur: Morgan Mirza Assistant monteur: Aymerick Le Bouquin VFX: Infinite_VFX / LLLL studio Etalonneuse: Inès Henry-Manceau Assistant étalonneur: Alexandre Queyrous




Mushkaa, Bad Gyal - SexeSexy

Directors @souto___ @jordilops Editor @jordilops Producer @paulafarelo DOP @puxxoo Stylist Mushkaa @bertapermanyeer Stylist Bad Gyal @albamelendo Bad Gyal HMU @venusplastik Colorist @juliarossetticolor Graphics @cesarxce Focus Puller @lecucu_ 2 AC @miquelpons.jpg Gaffer @nicolau.alvarez Photographers @natalia.cornudella Production Assistant @janaguanyabens Stylist Assistant @hugolatorrer Costurera: @cuchifritta Runners @queeeeeeeel @rogeergrau_ @gatafreda




Depeche Mode - People Are Good

1st AD: Chris Kelly Location Manager: Mike Glynn Production Manager: Milo Beyts Casting Director: Leann Flinn Movement Director: Mikey Boateng Stylist: Ellie Walker HMUA: Dasha Taivas Grip: Jem Morton Phantom Operator: Jason Berman Edit House: Stitch Post Production: Black Kite VFX Lead: Jack Stone Directors Rep: Joceline Gabriel, Camille Semprez Creative Director: Anton Corbijn Columbia Records: Saul Levitz




Justice - Neverender (Starring Tame Impala)

Made with electric signal on a 1981 oscilloscope




Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

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With Me - Max Cooper    
With Me - Max Cooper    
by Bandcamp

Please note: this single is available as instant grat with the EP pre-order While the presence of integrated thinking around releasing music has long distinguished Max Cooper, it is the notion of performance and entertainment grafted into his style which really admits Max to charge into new territory. Acclaimed musician, sound designer and creative Max Cooper releases latest single “With Me” from his ‘Motif’ EP, with an epic sci-fi visual trip directed by Michael McAfee and continuing his collaborations with Australian singer/songwriter Kathrin deBoer in an operatic garage experiment. Together with Kathrin deBoer, they have a remarkable ability to express raw emotion in combining the meditative visceral quality of her voice with a dramatic arc in Max’s impactful production. The result is a strategic blend of each other’s palettes– expressed with operatic intensity as freely and exploratory as one has come to expect from Max’s output. The spectacular music video for the new single by visual motion designer Michael McAfee is a sonic portrait - surreal, colourful and playfully otherworldly. A collection of his influences and a set of motifs from a life in electronic music, Motif EP is equipped with purpose and emotional intimacy. Far from a dark moment of introspection but a diverse collection of audio-visual ideas, each playing a particular role in his live shows which traverse all of his musical passions combined with being alive at this time; immersed in shared history and experience.

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Max Cooper - With Me


'With Me' is a little trip around New Zealand with a spacetime bending alien. For the ‘Motif’ EP, I wanted to explore a range of typical club structures and genres with a bit of my own spice. Musically on “With Me” I went down a chord driven operatic garage experiment with Kathrin deBoer, with a theme of togetherness. I started chatting video ideas with Michael McAffee and we decided to present the themes visually as us spending time with some otherworldly entities, usually invisible, living alongside us, but now revealed. These aliens of sorts also don’t experience time and space as we do, so as we hang out with them, living from their perspective things start to get a bit weird. Michael had a trip planned to New Zealand so his travels formed the basis of the setting with some epic results. It was a fun project to work on - many thanks to Kathrin and Michael for working on it with me. Michael McAfee: Max and I wanted to explore the idea of entities that travelled between & altered space and time with this piece -- As the video progressed, the severity of the rift in space-time would magnify. It seemed appropriate for the visual style of the creatures I design and it allowed me to experiment with compositing my creatures into live action footage. To convey the idea of bending space and time visually, I found that capturing photogrammetry scans and HDRi images of the environment yielded very usable 3D geometry that I could manipulate in CG. Different parameters of the morphing environment are driven by audio stems of the track that Max provided, which made for some nice audio-visual moments. 3D debugging UI elements made their way into the glitch segments, which gave the feeling that these seemingly real scenes are actually the constraints of time & space that are breaking down. A good chunk of this was done in Unreal Engine thanks to the help of Vince McKelvie. Doing these segments in a video game engine allowed us to use custom-made shaders that generate feedback loops in realtime. Everything is filmed handheld on a phone, on location in New Zealand - I wanted it to feel as if the footage captured were isolated sighting of these creatures. You’ll notice that lots of lens flares, handheld shakes, and general visual artifacts are retained in the footage which I thinks help sell the compositing work as well as the ‘random creature encounter’ vibe.


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