((( 0 ))) - 42




((( O ))) - what matters ft. bb

appreciating the simple things. making somethingg from the plants and everyday sounds at home




TWO LANES - Belong (Live Session)

Check out this mesmerizing, heart touching sound by this very talented sibling duo.




Marconi Union - Weightless




Max Cooper - Pulse at the Centre of Being

Max Cooper: This piece of music was a mechanism to reset to what felt like some core state. It was the feeling of being, minus all the mess that gets added over the years, and I tried to communicate that childlike aspect to it as honestly as I could. So, it’s a very simple piece of music, and one where I’ve added a lot of space around the core pulse so that it’s soft and wraps around you as the listener. The visual reference I had for the project was a pulsing core of our perception of feeling at the centre of our body. Tsz-wing explored the idea with hand drawn animations, playing on the ideas of simple human expression, with pulsing growth stemming from our skeletal structure as some sort of source of our experience. It’s a chapter of the story where we escape the more troubled self-analysis of earlier sections and set the scene for the ending. The spatial audio mix with Joe Wilkinson follows the theme of a central pulse, expanding and pulsing towards and past us as the listener, when the person on screen starts to grow outwards.




Max Cooper - A Model Of Reality

(Official video by Eris is Red) Max Cooper: This chapter of the Unspoken Words album story (https://www.unspokenwords.net) deals with the arrival of abstract thought as a tool for human expression, visualised by the artist Eris is Red. A hypnotic model of reality is created and explored, with reaction diffusion forms reminiscent of the real world, but never quite real. Familiar symbols are visually referenced as a tool for building and communicating abstraction and new ways of thinking from the ground up, with the new model of reality emerging as meaning emerges from the symbols of our language. I wrote the piece of music during some difficult times of isolation. It came from a live improvisation where I found a hypnotic repeating structure that made me feel the creation of something new and hopeful. It yielded an abstract space I became lost in for months. I came across the beautiful voice of Kotomi (Lauren Culjak) from the ending sequence of an episode of Rick and Morty (S4 E10), where she sings “Don’t look back” in collaboration with Ryan Elder. Something about her voice immediately grabbed me. It has a beautiful otherworldly quality to it which strengthened the feeling of the abstracted space I was trying to create. And I was surprised and happy to find that she was interested in working together on the track, and ok with me mangled her voice into granular oblivion to try and capture the feeling of human expression without the literal restrictions of lyrics. The Dolby Atmos mix for the Blu-ray/Atmos streaming version, was created together with Adam Hare and Niels Orens, focusing on an organic slow moving and inviting space for becoming lost inside, without rigid structures, and lots of improvised paths of sounds through space, in line with the feel of the original piece of music. Eris is Red: "Wittgenstein's concept of Sprachspiel, or Language Games, describes the fluid nature of how we communicate and how it contextually based and can change the very reality we experience. The organic and ever changing nature of the visuals is intended to represent that core base of our collective reality. The beautiful abstract motion of reaction-diffusion felt the right fit to communicate that concept. When I was contacted by Max for this project I had been experimenting with a technique of creating animated 2D greyscale image sequences that were then used to drive both 3D displacement as well as material mixes. One side effect of the process is a certain 'banding' that occurs when the bit depth is limited and there is not enough information to have a smooth gradient between the values of black and white, this artefact is usually undesirable, however with the pulsing hypnotic melody of the song I was able lean into it and it became part of the art direction. After the initial displacement maps were created, they were imported into Cinema 4D, where I displaced flat planes and other objects and did countless experiments of mixing and blending the maps and clamping values to drive material mixes based on the topology. Throughout the process I used both Cycles4D and Redshift to render."




Aphex Twin - Ageispolis




Vegyn - Mushroom Abolitionist




Ólafur Arnalds - Zero

Zero is one of the songs from 'some kind of peace' that I cherish the most, especially due to the fact it serves a very significant purpose on the record as a whole. It represents the lowest point of the album journey, but it’s also the moment when everything starts to turn around — a reminder of the contrasting struggle and hope we all find within ourselves and our relationships. some kind of peace Dancer: Ali Goldsmith Dancer: Lucia Chocarro




Ólafur Arnalds, Bonobo – Loom

"Last year Bonobo and I spent a couple of days in the studio, after traveling and camping together in the Icelandic highlands, with no intention other than to spend some quality time with music. Loom is one of the songs that came from those sessions and as time passed, and I started writing the rest of the album, I kept coming back to it. The serene energy of the song is perfectly encapsulated in Neels’s beautiful video — a true testament to getting lost in the moment, as we did." Dancers — Maëva Berthelot, Janina Sarantšina, Xiaoyi Liu




Pure Abyss - Berth




Hainbach - Light Splitting

Berlin-based synthesist Hainbach and filmmaker Julian Moser came together for Light Splitting, an audiovisual project based on Hainbach’s eponymous album title. Moser decided to work with the limitations imposed by isolation during lockdown, eschewing the macro to look more closely at the microscopic world inside his home. Using an antiquated MiniDV camera, glass, water and the morning sun, Moser finds the psychedelic in the microscopic, pairing Hainbach’s gauzy synth explorations with gently shifting images of light, captured at a low-resolution and then played back at half speed.

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