Jungle - Back On 74


Assistant Choreo: Lars Bohte Assistant Choreo: Oriane Serveille 1st AD: Freddie Wright 2nd AD: Jessica Simmonds 3rd AD: Elsa Grace AD Runner: Tim Marckwald DOP: Natasha Duursma 1st AC: Oliver Bingham 2nd AC: Emily McNey 2nd AC (Second Unit): Jack Plumridge Production Designer: Sam Storey Buyer: Harry Pearce Art Dept Coordinator: Macy Treu-Dingle Standby Props: Andrea Guerrero Standby Art Director: Harrison Toward Assistant Art Director: Joe Harrison Assistant Art Director: Elin Taylor Art Assistant: Jake Garrett Art Assistant: Jade O’Connor Art Assistant (Second Unit): Tom Thain Camera Prop Tech: Jon Wayre Video Technician: Lwehla Say Construction: David Thomas Rigger: Paul King Standby Rigger: Mitchell Williams Rigger: Sam Cashman Rigger: Gary Chandler Sound Recordist: Roger Cutting Sound Recordist (Second Unit): George Davies Stylist: Melo 1st Styling Assistant: Daisy McDonald Styling Assistant: Flossie Doherty Styling Assistant: Amira Walters Byrne Camera Hire: Panavision Lighting Hire: Panalux Catering: Luluz Location: Alexandra Palace, thanks to Location Works Dancers Skeleton Crew Amsterdam: Leonarda Xenisa Gigi Elise Neo Marquisha Jasmin Mijntje Jade Robin Ruben Jeremy Jurvinio Luciano Juan

Executive Producer


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