Iris van Herpen ~ Carte Blanche


Van Herpen collaborated with French artist Julie Gautier to create a film that explores the idea of femininity and female beauty as a form of control. The anticipated movie is inspired by womanly bravery and perseverance. The sensual narrative is a forceful composition that conveys the power of the female body and its ability to take ownership of her beauty to challenge the status quo. “In the beginning, three women are melted together into a painting of skin, textures of growth and decay. The red heart of this female ocean drifts down alone into the deep depths of her own consciousness where she dances a journey of isolation and oppression moving into resilience and invincibility.” - Iris Van Herpen and Gautier use the symbolism of water to subdue female shapes into a choreography that slowly disembodies control. Where the movements tell a story of fortitude, resistance, and finding freedom. ‘Carte Blanche’ is an ode to the ongoing resilience and strength of Iranian women and to the strength of women worldwide. The film portrays female bravery and is a testament to how women can use their physicality and strength to resist oppression, fight for their rights, and encourage others to persevere in their individual journeys. Always committed to pushing the boundaries of fashion, van Herpen and Gaultier’s film is a beautiful example of the power of art to communicate a message of strength and perseverance. Through their art, these female artists are inspiring others to use their talents to create meaningful change. Production Manager: Tim de Deygere Backstage Photography and Videography: Jip Mus Casting Director: Maxime Valentini Models: Julie Gautier | Gilone | Maya Sieron Safety Diver: Dada Li Production Assistant: Nadia Bonnard Make-up: Sofia Cabras Location: Y-40 – The Deep Joy



Iris van Herpen is a Dutch fashion designer known for fusing technology with traditional haute couture craftsmanship. Van Herpen opened her own label Iris van Herpen in 2007.

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