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Lagos Space Programme - Aṣọ Fashion as Visual Oríkì

“Aṣọ (Dress) can be conceived as a visual form of oríkì, as the arrangement of patterns, colours, shapes, and textures on a figure can cohere into a powerful gestalt form–a ‘look’ –that is able to trigger an affective response in the perceiver. The Yoruba terms, ojú-inú (inner eye) and oju-ọnà (design consciousness) respectively refer to the intuitive and technical capacities required by an artist to engineer a visual or verbal oríkì that speaks to the subject’s ìwà, and in doing so releases àṣẹ. Ẹwà, meaning beauty, is the result of a work of art that realizes the art object’s essential nature, its inner character, its ìwà. Accordingly, aesthetic beauty cannot exist separately from a deeper ethical truth–a position that refutes dominant Eurocentric framings of aesthetics. The Lagos Space Programme conceives of clothing as oríkì, combining physical matter (colour and sound), non-physical matter (àṣẹ), and aesthetics (poeticism, rhythm, and proportion) to form resplendent pieces that reflect the ìwà of its wearers”. Text by Kojo Abudu, Five Theses on Lagos Space Programme Model: @michael.samuel_ , @90smodelmgmt




LOEWE x Suna Fujita

Step into the joyful, nature-loving world of artists Shohei Fujita and Chisato Yamano, the husband and wife duo behind ceramic studio Suna Fujita.








Acne Studios Women’s Spring/Summer 2023 Show

Introducing: #AcneStudiosSS23. The monumental celebration of #AcneStudios' 10th year of showing in Paris. Watch the show, live from Palais de Tokyo in Paris, on Wednesday September 28th at 6:30PM CEST.





An empty universe is a lonely place — even for a god. In a continuation of his explorations of the origins of Bumba, the vomiting creation god of Congo’s Bushongo mythology, Rich Mnisi takes us on a journey of self-discovery in SS22. This collection, Mafamba Yexe, finds its inspiration in a microscopic view of Bumba’s purge, made up of cells that, like so many others, split apart to multiply. Pain on the outside, pain on the inside, discomfort everywhere. From that discomfort, cells made echoes of their own likeness, and Bumba birthed the world. In every world, microscopic and universal, discomfort was the channel from loneliness to community. From strangeness to connection, to reflection, and eventually, to self-discovery. We return to vivid green, a grounding brand colour, meeting a fiery palette of yellows and reds across signature silhouettes. Abstract prints inspired by bacteria under a microscope creep across the body. Smooth and printed leathers lend lively tactility, while feathers offer a softer touch. Credits: Starring Aza Mhlana Christi-Ann Saaiman Kurt Anders Jono Lee Nicolas van Graan Abulele Ngcangata Antonia Julies Jade Daniels Focus Puller Ashley Smit Make-up & Hair Justine Alexander Producer Bradley Ndlovu Production Designer Mike Hillier & Rich Mnisi Edit Ross Hillier Location Scout Mike Hillier Music Que DJ - Mnisi Chant




Miu Miu Spring/Summer 2024 Fashion Show

“What if I told you, you aren’t the hero in your own story but the villain in someone else’s?” In this special project for Miu Miu, artist Sophia Al-Maria offers us an old story with a new twist. Gravity ∞ Grace is a fairy tale ending (of the world) about a court jester and a royal guard who can’t agree if life is a tragedy or comedy. The pair gaslight, gate-keep and girl-boss each other in an epic battle over POV. Featuring original music by musicians Takiaya Reed and Scarlett Viney of Divide and Dissolve and starring stuntwoman Ayesha Hussain as archetypal twins, this one-minute recap formed the introduction to the unabridged story which played out during the Miu Miu Spring/Summer 2024 show in the Palais d’Iéna on October 3rd, 2023. Sophia Al-Maria’s expansive work across art, publishing, film and TV is united by an urgent question of perspective: if language and stories form our POV, how can we tell fantasy from reality?





Introducing ‘My Friend Magnus’, a limited edition book published by Acne Studios and imagined by creative director Jonny Johansson. A visual ode to his long-time friend Magnus Carlsson’s creative energy and fashion archive. “Throughout the years, his vibrant personality, his taste in books and the references he would find have fuelled my inspiration and helped me in my work,” says Jonny Johansson of Carlsson. Magnus caught Johansson’s eye with one of his ensembles back in the 1990s. Since then, Magnus has curated the atmosphere of the emblematic Acne Studios Headquarters Floragatan 13. During this time, he has never worn the same outfit twice, becoming renowned for his strong sense of style.








Prada FW23 Collection

The Prada Linea Rossa Fall/Winter 2023 campaign is filmed by Kris Lüdi in the valley of Engadin, Switzerland, soundtracked by a poem in its Romansh language.








Fear of God Loungewear

Talent: Anok Yai, Joan Smalls, America Gonzales, Annemary Aderibigbe Hair: Jawara Makeup: Yadim

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Iris van Herpen ~ Architectonics


Iris van Herpen unveils an alluring collection inspired by Aquatic Architecture and Bionic Innovations that offers a glimpse into the future. Paris Haute Couture ~ Drawing inspiration from the future of floating cities and the concept of bionic design, this pioneering collection reflects a vision where humans inhabit both land and offshore environments. To envision a future where our built environment becomes a natural extension of the vast aquatic landscapes, creating a harmonious coexistence between humanity and the world's oceans. Van Herpen's creative journey began with the visionary ideas of Jacques Rougerie, a French Architect and Oceanographer, known as the ‘Architect of the Sea’. Rougerie's work bridges the gap between scientific exploration and architectural innovation, offering a deeper understanding of the intricate relationship between the oceans and our built environment. His designs of underwater habitats and floating laboratories, informed by his expertise as a marine biologist and architect, have inspired van Herpen's exploration of aquatic urbanism. Other looks of the collection are influenced by the revolutionary World’s First Floating City, ‘Oceanix’ that is currently being built in South Korea. As the first large manifestation of this new form of waterborne urbanism, designed by starchitect Bjarke Ingels, Oceanix integrates zero waste and circular systems, closed-loop water systems, net-zero energy, and coastal habitat regeneration. This new generation of architects show a radical shift in urban planning and a blueprint for resilient cities of the future. Driven by R&D, the collection materializes the principles of parametric architecture that is known for its fluidity, fragmentation, and shifting patterns. The designs dynamic energy is evident in the explosive patterns of light and shadow that vibrate around the body, the fractal forms, geodesic voids, and distorted perspectives that redefine fashion's traditional boundaries. Van Herpen draws from the aquatic urbanism movement by focusing on the physiological, behavioral, and structural adaptations of biological organisms to create new Couture techniques that blur the boundaries between fashion and floating architecture. Each look was therefor digitally modeled before the physical draping process started. The cutting-edge ’Biophilic’ technique is developed from lasercutting architectural lineworks that are bonded together to serve as molds, in which a marble-textured silicone is injected with syringes into the fine lasercut outlines. At the same time abalone-shell flakes are inlaid by hand into gradients before the silicone is settling. After settling, a final transparent layer of silicone is injected to enhance the iridescent shell shards gracefully. The daring ‘Oceanix’ technique is developed to paint bursting patterns in space. These graphic polygon patterns explode skillfully from order to chaos through the movement of the body, as the polygons are deconstructed in air by the models moving. Fine fiberglass rods are carefully balanced to distribute an exact amount of weight and vibration into the dissected geodesic bursts, creating an interplay of fluidity and fragmentation. The harmonious color palette of this season combines graphic contrasts of white and blacks that are highlighted with metallic silver, bronze and gold detailing. An oceanic mood is created through soft tones of mint-green that are mixed with abalone-blue, turquoise and pearlescent shell shades. The ARCHITECTONICS collection dares to imagine humanity’s next frontier: a world with waterborne urbanism that harmonizes with marine ecosystems. Global concerns grow as 90 percent of large cities worldwide are vulnerable to rising sea levels, and over 410 million people are predicted to be at risk. This season Van Herpen's designs draw attention to the visionary ideas of Oceanix, the world’s first floating city and the important new generation of architects that show us the ingenuity and desirability of waterborne architecture. Challenging our conventional notion of living spaces, each design encapsulates the duality of our existence, where land and water intertwine to see a future where we seamlessly inhabit both realms. Tracks: 'miu' & 'shaolin mantis' by Marina Herlop 'God' by Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones Choreography & Backstage: Kim Vos Labrie Show production: Jonas Kraft Show Video: Jip Mus & Dammes Kieft Frontstage Photography: Gio Staiano Backstage photography: Molly SJ Lowe

Creative Director


Iris van Herpen is a Dutch fashion designer known for fusing technology with traditional haute couture craftsmanship. Van Herpen opened her own label Iris van Herpen in 2007.

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