MAFF ♥s 🇳🇴🇱🇰: Eigenbrötler

All production is made in Norway, and the entire business operates from one studio in a small town, an hour's drive from Oslo. Wherever possible, the sourcing is kept close to Norway to reduce the carbon footprint of importing far distances. EIGENBRÖTLER is a brand and creative outlet by Ishara Jayathilake. Having finished her MA at Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Ishara has created EIGENBRÖTLER as a way to make things that stand by her values and offer a slow, local, artistic alternative that is built to cherish. Ishara Jayathilake was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 1991. Ishara graduated with a BA (Hons) degree (1st class Honors) in Fashion Design from Northumbria University, United Kingdom having completed a course of study from 2011 to 2014 at the Academy of Design (AOD) International Campus in Sri Lanka.




MAFF ♥s 🇳🇴🇪🇹: Margaret Abebe Abeshu

Margaret Abeshu (b. 1990) is an interdisciplinary designer from Ethiopia and is currently based in Oslo. She's the present & future of where art meets fashion.




Its Fever Issue N16 Editorial #AMAZINGMAGAZINE

Surrender to the rhythm and let your body groove in this electrifying fusion of disco and Studio 54 vibes. Get ready to catch disco fever in this editorial called It's Fever! Music Tubebackr Photo Assistants Charles Brown + Tommy Blanco Studio Manager Kevin Leupold Stylist Donald Lawrence Art Director Matt Goli Mua Janice Daoud Hair Ian James Studio Dust Studios la





A film by OHIRI. An underwater story. An offering to the legendary King Crocodile, a curated collection of body adornments by OHIRI Producer: OHIRI Assitant Director: Ayela Model: Abdel Doumbia Cinematographer: Wal Le Prince Underwater Cinematographer: Nadi Saddy Original Score: Sealmi Poem Author: Dozilet Kpolo Narrator: Prince Lyrics Poem Baule Translation: Prince Lyrics Poem English Translation: Nuits Balnéaires Lighting Assistant: Souleymane Sidibé Production Assistant: Christophe Kouassi Stylist: Akebehi Kpolo Set Design: Akebehi Kpolo Make Up Artist: Liesse Tiemoko, Sara Soumahoro Hairstylist: Dédé Soumahoro Editors: Wal Le Prince, Nuits Balnéaires Colorists: Wal Le Prince,Nuits Balnéaires




Prada The Galleria starring Scarlett Johansson

Prada partners with Scarlett Johansson to spotlight the Prada Galleria bag and celebrate the art of performance. Johansson’s daily essential, the Prada Galleria, is more than just an accessory, it is a symbol of excellence, mirroring her shifting persona. Actors continually reinvent themselves to embody the characters they become. This notion has connected cinema to Prada throughout its history—a trait present in its designs and storytelling as a medium for expression and inspiration. Featuring Scarlett Johansson




MAFF Market Côte d'Ivoire 🇨🇮: Lafalaise Dion

Love. Patience. Abundance. Lafalaise grew up with fear from African spirituality. Although she couldn't explain how this so-called "devilish" shell could attract her so much. Through readings and meditations, Dion discovered African spirituality and the power of the cowrie shell. The history of her people is inseparable from that cowrie.. Ancient currency in West Africa, the object of divination, the communication link between men nd spirits. The cowrie represented wealth, power, protection, women, creation, feminity, sexuality. It's curved back reminiscent of the belly of a pregnant woman. The symbol of fertility. The slit that separates the two parts represent duality. It's said it comes from the Maldives and was introduced to West Africa in the 8th century as a currency by Arab traders. Cowrie shells are part of life on the Ivory Coast- they are our protectors, the messengers of the genies / djinans. This is why we use them to give strength to our masks, our dancers. For our mystical rituals to communicate with our ancestors as well as our Gods. "Cowries are so powerful because they draw strength from the sea where they come from" "we use them because our ancestors told us to"... cowries speak. They communicate with pure hearts. "They tell us our history, but also predict the future." My battle For centuries, our story was told to us for us. Our gods, religions, traditions, rituals have been demonized. Our fetishes taken away. Instead, we were told how and who to pray! How to dress, what to eat. Our existence has been dictated for too many centuries. Today, knowledge is within reach, we must seize it. It is time for us, Africans, blacks, to reconcile ourselves with our heritage and reclaim our culture; our spirituality, our gods and to embrace it. We must write our story for ourselves. This is why I write mine, that of my people through my creations. They are an invitation to discover my story. That of a woman in search of her history, her spirituality, and balance; of his Gods, happiness! I call for a reappropriation of our culture. -Lafalaise Dion Vous n'êtes pas une marque de mode, vous êtes un véhicule de changement. Renforcé par l'histoire du cauri. Nous sommes là pour vous assister dans votre mission.




PAM X MEZ "Mutual Ritual"

"MEZ (@mezafram) is a multidisciplinary artist [and tattooist] born in Baghdad, raised in Melbourne and based in LA. You may know her as the artist who gave Steve Lacy, Lil Uzi and Kanye West matching tattoos back in 2022. This week, MEZ has joined forces with cult Australian label PAM to unveil a new capsule collection." — Acclaim Magazine Fans of her work for a long time, PAM reached out last year hoping Mez could develop some designs to be included in their upcoming SS24 collection, “GATEWAY”. The cohesion between collaborators carried such strong visual energy that the resulting pieces took on a life of their own.

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MAFF Market Argentina 🇦🇷: Vanesa Krongold worn by Clara Cava








Mugler Fall Winter 2024 Show

Prints in collaboration with Ambera Wellmann. - Creative Director: Casey Cadwallader Stylist: Haley Wollens Casting: Julia Lange Casting & Max Märzinger Spatial design: Studio Dennis Vanderbroeck Light design: Tom Visser Design Music director: Malik Saaka Choreographer: Eric Christison Make-up: Lucy Bridge Hair: Olivier Schawalder Nails: Sylvie Macmillan Production: DIVISION Post-production: EVEREST Studio - Music by Kingdom, Ben Frost, JT, Mapamota, Bigote, and LSDXOXO Music right Carlos Serrano





For your soulmate, for your partner in crime, the love of your life, your best friend, for you. Who ever makes you laugh, cry, feel, and makes your heart goes faster. Even for your enemy, for thet person that makes you feel safe, makes you go crazy and go rebel. For that person, for you, TWOJEYS.




DI PETSA AW24 The Body as Prayer Runway Film

The Body as Prayer presented at London Fashion Week February 2024. DI PETSA is womenswear label by Greek designer Dimitra Petsa, centred on inter-disciplinary foundations, combining slow fashion couture practices, with performance art and film. The brand has evolved from the designer’s eco-feminist research project “Wetness” that deconstructs feelings of shame surrounding the female experience and our bodily fluids – water filtered through bodies – bodily water. The signature style “The Wetlook” is an original fabric technique, draped and sewn by hand to mimic ripples of water across the body. Traditional Greek embroidery techniques are preserved and h

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Hermès | Men’s summer 2022 show


Staged by Cyril Teste, the men’s summer 2022 collection exudes an air of relaxed light-heartedness and freedom. Precise innovation holds a dialogue with heritage prints that present dévoré, blurred and perforated motifs, transformed using contemporary techniques.

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