What I learned by befriending Iranians on Facebook

Iran looks a certain way to Westerners. But a look into the day to day lives of normal Iranians can change that perception. Thank you Vox for producing this.




Pushwagner: Soft City

Since the 1960s, the Norwegian artist Hariton Pushwagner (Oslo 1940) has produced a body of work with a gloomy vision of the future. Following a productive period, Pushwagner’s life and career suffered a downward spiral in the 1980s and 1990s due to the artist’s dependence on drink and drugs. He has enjoyed a revival since 2008, followed by a solo exhibition in MK Gallery and Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. MK Gallery director Anthony Spira gives a short introduction on the work of this mysterious artist.




A Visual Essay About Nothing

British-Ghanaian Creative Director and filmmaker, Justin Akomiah, invites viewers on an unparalleled journey through the intricacies artists face in a visual masterpiece.




Cornelia Baltes - EIGEN + ART Lab

At EIGEN + ART Lab, Berlin




To uker til åpning: Hanne Friis

Hanne Friis was born in 1972 in Oslo and studied painting and sculpture at the Trondheim Academy of Art. Her textile sculptures are created with fabrics that are often dyed by her through experimentation and slow dyeing processes that give the material for her sculptures pictorial expressions of unpredictable effect. Using a strictly manual technique, Friis transforms a soft and fluffy material into abstract and sensual works, with a solid and complex structure that seem to be engaged in an autonomous, slow but inexorable process of perennial growth and change. As metaphors of the flow of life and the succession of events and phenomena that characterize it, her works are synthesis and representation of the ambiguity between form and matter.




Emotions Beneath The Surface

Arjun & Huishi were both international students in the US. "We decided to document our emotions about living away from home and represent it visually. For 30 days, we noted qualitative and quantitative parameters like how many times we called home, the number of times we tried to save money, and how often we switched to our native language. We visually represented this data as different parts of a dandelion."




Voguing with Beethoven

In connection to Beethoven’s 250th jubilee, high culture meets subculture in this short film about identity and belonging presented by the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra. Thank you to everyone involved in the making of this. Much love especially to the incredible Oslo ballroom family. Prod Manager: Even Standal Vesterhus Coordinator: Agnes Rinde-Haugen 1st AD: Ben Lucas Runner: Anniken Haugen Runner: Noah Neby Focus Puller: Ola Austad 2nd AC: Robin Ottersen Steadicam: Stig Indrebø Gaffer: Levi Gawron Spark: Lisa Emilie Øverjordet Movement Director: Emma Damskau Stylist Assistant: Hege Ballans Location Sound: Mattis Lauritzen Production Design: Ragnhild Sletta Post Producer: Cyril Boije Editor: Tormod Berge Colourist: Julien Alary Sound Design: Johannes Dekko @ Shortcut Graphic Design: Nils Eivind Hausken Lab: Focus Film Shot on Kodak 16mm film Starring: Karim Mahmoud / Karim 007 Jonas Molvig / Baby Duck 007 Kayd Wacays / Dali 007 Emma Vioma / Vioma 007 Georgia May Anta / Sunshine Revlon John Harald Sand / Johnny 007 Jørgen Aastad Fredriksen / Jojo 007 Jørgen Eide / Jørgen 007 Sergio Prin-Sand / Sergio 007 Hamda Barise / Banjee B 007 Celina Osnes / Celina 007 Daniel Soheili Elahi / Diesel Ninja Birgit Nordby and Musicians of the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra





Production Assistant: Hannah Clark B-Camera: Joshua Nartey & Solomon Armah
 Styling & Fire Choreography: Prince Aryee Body painting & Acrobatic Choreography: Emmanuel Laryea Editor: Tom Ringsby Colourist: Andi Chu @ Black Kite Studios Title design: Sam Osmond MUSIC Original music composed, recorded and mixed by Dicky at Migration Studios Hand drums and flute performed by Jah Izi Xylophone performed by Alex Andre K Akpe 5.1 Mix by Bendik Toming @ Family Day Recordings Vocal performances by: Prince Aryee Bright Anokye Solomon Kotey Neequaye Augustus Lutterodt Emmanuel Laryea Migration Studios assistant: Lettice Weedie Shot on Kodak film Processed at Kodak Film Lab UK 
An Intergalactic Studios Production THANKS Abajo, Madam Gold, Akosia, Black Jesus, Vuyo, Philip Syse, Henry Gill, Rhory Danniells, Simon Halsall, Frogner Kino One Love.





At the modern-day crossroads of Turkey and Syria, the neighborhood of Istasyon is taken over by children with cameras. Through their gaze, they transform cinder block villages into portals and roam freely across abandoned train tracks to Sirkhane Darkroom, an oasis of red light and pomegranate trees, where their images are born. Darkroom is an experimental and celebratory portrait of Istasyon’s youth and their capacity to forge an alternate reality within a conflict zone. Embedded in this vibrant 16mm film, a co-creation between the film crew and these photography students is a reverence for the mysterious power and intimacy of analog image-making. Starring - SIRKHANE DARKROOM Additional Camera - STUDENTS AT SIRKHANE DARKROOM WORKSHOP Sound Mixer - AIDAN REYNOLDS Colorist - BRENNAN BARSELL Produced by - ASLI BAYKAL GILLIAN GARCIA RAF FELLNER Executive Producer - ASLI BAYKAL SERBEST SALIH




Bendik Giske - CTM festival - Berlin 2019

Bendik Giske is a queer artist and saxophonist who utilises physicality, vulnerability, and endurance to solder together jazz and club music with mesmerising performance. Giske takes the building blocks of electronic music and plays it live – without layering or looping – to the best of his ability, allowing human vulnerabilities to emerge. Bendik Giske live at HAU1 in Berlin during CTM festival 2019 - Persistence. Composed and performed by Bendik Giske Performance by LEGZ aka. Julian Fricker Costume by Sasa Kovacevic and Jochen Kronier





Photography by Simón Colombo and Gerónimo Tanoira. With the participation of Bautista Bengolea, Agustín Miles and Pato Carrere. Music and foley by Geronimo Tanoira. Transfer by Leche. Monologue by Alan Watts in "Conversations with myself". Kodak Super 16mm film.





Digital plants laboratory based on the work of Luigi Serafini.

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Everything you imagine is real / Don’t believe everything you think.


installed on 10 OOH Led-walls in Shibuya, Tokyo by Neo Shibuya



NO TEXT drives emotions through video images. NO TEXT is a camera combat team based in Milano, Italy. NO TEXT makes documentaries, fashion movies, music videos, short-movies… NO TEXT affects modern story-telling. IMAGES HELP US LEARN, IMAGES GRAB ATTENTION, IMAGES EXPLAIN TOUGH CONCEPTS, AND INSPIRE. MORE THAN WORDS DOES.

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