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MAFF Market New York 🇺🇸: Yan L.

A fashion stylist & model for multiple brands, Yan moved to NYC in 2015 to study Fashion Merchandising at FIT. He draws, paints, and ideates the entire creative direction.




Otay:Onii | MAFF Tour Shanghai (Episode 2)

"Lost is an illusion. Open your hands, you'll realize you have everything." Otay:onii (Lane Shi) is a multifaceted artist originally from Haining, China. Her artistic practice spans across music, sound design, installation art, and film composition. She is the lead vocalist and keyboardist of the punk spit band Elizabeth Colour Wheel (US). Lane's voice is like an ancient call, sometimes beckoning the soul, and at other times, piercing the listener like lightning. Lane came to the U.S. at a young age when she still needed parental accompaniment, living as an immigrant with a dual cultural background. This marginalized, non-mainstream existence makes her voice transcend cultures and languages. She wrote, "My task is to solve a puzzle with another puzzle that can't be seen, be touched, but to feel."




Ordinance of the Subconscious Treatment

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MAFF Chat: Duyi Han

Dialing in with Duyi Han based in Shanghai, China 🇨🇳 who focuses on avant-grade aesthetic exploration and design. His diverse body of work encompasses sculpture, furniture, interior design, and digital art. He creates on the premise that what we see around us is a manifestation of our mind.





Vigorous Clumsiness, these are the words behind the name of the new collection. The research of the inspiration carries Chen on a journey through old and clumsy objects. This Fall Winter 23 - 24 is a stand-alone collection but enters the evolutionary flow of Ziggy Chen's poetics in which the fabric material and the dress object connect past and future in an eternal becoming. Art Dierection: Ziggy Chen Music, Photography: Alessandro Tinelli Camera: Thomas Smith Styling: Noey Park Casting: Lucien Casting MUA: Amelie Komaneko Production: Spooky Actions PR: Federica + Public Image PR





Styling: Makram Bitar Casting: Lucy Zakharova - Lucien Casting Hair: Akemi Kishida Assisted by Lucile Bertrand Make-Up: Christine Corbel Assisted by Emanuela Farano Music: Alessandro Tinelli Location: Conservatoire National Supérieur d’Art Dramatique - Salle Louis Jouvet Filmed by: Alessandro Tinelli




Zhang Enli: In the Studio

Using the outside world as a mirror, Zhang Enli often documents the more prosaic aspects of contemporary life. Inside the artist’s Shanghai studio, this short film explores his contemplation of abstraction, portraiture and subjectivity. In Zhang Enli’s new paintings, gestural canvases reflect his progression to looser, freer brushwork that has become prominent in the artist’s style in recent years and reveals the artist’s compelling and continued exploration into abstract form.




Zhang An 张安 Director's Cut | MAFF Tour Shanghai (Episode 1)

Director, Wenkai Wang 王文楷, lengthens the narrative of an endlessly curious photographer living in the world of the abstract. Our travels take us to Shanghai, China, where we catch up with photographer, Zhang An 张安. DIT:AJ Runner 场务:Liu 小刘 Camera Assistant:Lijia Xu 徐立加 Tenghui Ma马鹏辉 Zhengjun Li李振军 Lingjie Yi尹凌杰 Yikun Cao曹亚坤 Equipment 器材:Chuanye Rental 川页租赁

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Zhang An 张安 | MAFF Tour Shanghai (Episode 1)

Our travels take us to Shanghai, China, where we catch up with photographer, Zhang An 张安. Zhang An is a prodigious photographer living in the world of the abstract. DIT:AJ Runner 场务:Liu 小刘 Camera Assistant:Lijia Xu 徐立加 Tenghui Ma马鹏辉 Zhengjun Li李振军 Lingjie Yi尹凌杰 Yikun Cao曹亚坤 Equipment 器材:Chuanye Rental 川页租赁




Feng Chen Wang SS24 Show

Memories. Imprinted. Feng Chen Wang’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection is inspired by Feng's childhood memories of her grandmother: of accompanying her on walks through the mountains and alongside the meandering rivers in her hometown in Fujian, China. precious memories, as if imprinted deeply, have left Feng with deep senses of love and nostalgia till this day. This season, Wang wanted to celebrate these memories by recreating them using an ancient botanical contact printing method. Working with local Chinese artisans, Feng selected some of her grandmother’s favourite plants like onions, gallnuts, eucalyptus and apple leaves and pounded them onto traditional Chinese silk; the colors, form and veins of each botanical clearly imprinted onto the fabric. Each plant is like a memory of life, each expressing an exuberance and tenacity for life; each one remembering the passing on of tradition. From there, new unique Feng Chen Wang patterns emerge this season. They transcend time and space, almost like a conversation with the past to preserve a love so pure, it never dies. “Some memories are very profound but somewhat vague, perhaps even mixed with some of my imagination, but my creative process shows a sense of colour change with a strong emotions,” Wang says. Therefore, featured in this collection, are pieces with color gradation of pink, blue, purple, black. Dream-like colours are spread out, dyed, rising and evolving, yet captured into an imprint on the fabric; just like memories which are deeply embedded. Silk is the principal fabric used by Wang this season; a symbol of natural purity, it appears on shirts and shorts, and on transparent organza jackets. Pure cotton, a brand signature, is used in denim pieces and T-shirts. Wool suits featuring the botanical contact printing method lends an elevated finishing touch to the collection. A process of pure handwork between Wang and local artisans, the patterns require several rounds of dyeing to achieve the desire colour result. With the addition of more tailoring, different elements of Chinese and Western style come together in a decidedly contemporary fusion. For the show, held at the Lycée Montaigne, musical collective Nara Bara performed live as models descended on the runway, blending harmonies and intricate rhythms of jazz. Further exploring the boundaries between reality and longing, Wang explains how the collection reflects the fluid state of flow in her creations. In her grandmother’s eyes, dragons and phoenixes were always symbols of romantic love – with the phoenix being a signature Feng Chen Wang motif. A new dragon pattern appears in this collection through jacquard and water-washing processes in different colours, including denim-blue, grey and shades of khaki. The dragon and phoenix are purely mythical, divine beasts in the imagination of ancient Chinese people; embodying their fervent hopes and wishes. 2024 is the Year of the Dragon in China, and perhaps this collection can be used to envision a better year ahead. From classic bamboo bags to necklaces – natural materials have been employed in the accessories – such as bamboo hair clasps and wooden necklaces. Combined with the newly designed Feng Chen Wang eyewear collection for this season, the accessories range is elevated to the next level alongside reconstructed Nike apparel and footwear. Drawing on multiple dimensions such as design, craftsmanship and fabric, the Feng Chen Wang Spring/Summer 2024 collection has already narrated the emotional moments of memory retention and reproduction in a comprehensive manner.








FiFi ZHANG - Nobody

1st AC/KG: Tommy Chan Gaffer: David Woon BBG: Sam Stulin Grip: Peter Zhao Grip: Zoe Chen MUA: Shoko Sawatari Styling assistant: SJ Zhang Production Assistant: Mugsy VFX Assistant: Peilin Li

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double fable


A brand focuses on the study of cultural differences and the characteristics of the times, and presents the understanding of clothing through the identity of visual images.



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