Dan Lam at Fort Works

Dan Lam is an American sculptor of Vietnamese ancestry, best known for her "drippy" sculptures and use of vibrant color. Using non-traditional materials of polyurethane foam, acrylic paint and epoxy resin, her finished work often dangles over shelf ledges, contrasting emotions of desire and disgust.

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Excavation Site

In march 2020, visual artist AP Nguyen came back home to Hanoi, Vietnam, in order to avoid the virus in the UK. Having little means of production and context for making conceptual art, she turned to clay and decided to learn a completely new craft. At first, she struggled to navigate the world of Vietnamese pottery- with all of its mystery and village secrecy. But over the months, she came to befriend and gain the trust of a Bát Tràng family who lets her use their family kiln and even their safely-guarded glaze recipes.




Ordinance of the Subconscious Treatment




Eddie Martinez : Wavelengths

Eddie Martinez (b. 1977, Groton, Connecticut) is an American painter and sculptor who lives and works in Brooklyn. Martinez is best known for his large-scale wall works incorporating figuration and abstraction, painting and drawing, which foreground his signature muscular brushwork.

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KikoRomeo with Jumah Jatteh

A day out at pallet with Jumah Jatteh in Kenyan brand, KikoRomeo. KikoRomeo meaning “Adam’s Apple” in Kiswahili, was founded in 1996. Transcending cultures and fashion trends, KikoRomeo puts sustainability at its core.




Jussi Goman

With bold treatment of space, an intense palette of colors, and generous brushstrokes, Jussi Goman creates an electric and spontaneous illusion of movement. Goman adds a fresh, playful twist to classical motifs borrowed from art history, such as facial portraits and still lifes: adhesive bandages and bubble gum-like globs of acrylic paint protrude from the surface as if to remind us of the limits of two-dimensionality, yet also of the limitless potential of painting. The acrylic paint endows his colors with a sense of freshness and buoyancy, while also coating the surface in a smooth plastic sheen. Jussi Goman graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki in 2008. Goman’s work is found in the collections of major Finnish museums including the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art and the Helsinki Art Museum.




Jenni Rope: Knuglor - Solmukat

Jenni Rope works multidisciplinary with painting, mobiles, pattern design, books and public art. In her works, she experiments with the boundaries between art and design and explores the abstract world that lies somewhere between painting and sculpture.




Textile Design: Kustaa Saksi

Kustaa Saksi (b. 1975, Kouvola, Finland) builds worlds of playful, paradoxical and troubling yet inviting shapes and environments pulled out of the ordinary. Combining organic qualities with uniquely detailed textures with rich colour palettes and experimental material use, Saksi is creating contemporary objects. His abstracted Hypnopompic tapestry series sits somewhere between the states of dreaming and awakening – surrealist and sensational. First Symptoms collection draws its inspiration and texture from the scientific examination and personal experience of migraine.




Kim Simonsson: The Year of the Moss Children

The Moss People are gatherers, decked out in readymades, wearing cauliflower shoes and shocks of feathers. They merge figurative sculpture, found objects, and a radical combination of handiwork and industrial fabrication (the hand-sculpted clay figures are covered in epoxy and flocked with nylon after firing) to a mesmerizing effect. “The name Moss People refers to children’s innate camouflage,” explains Simonsson. “The moss green figures blend perfectly into their natural surroundings, just as a soft carpet of moss covers the ground, rocks, and tree trunks and acts as a sort of protection. In the Moss People’s world, lost and disconnected children, evoking different characters… choose leaders and end up creating false idols.” They communicate through their own symbolic, visual language. Like migratory birds, they move from one place to another on a quest for meaning, seeking re-enchantment.




In the Studio with David Salle

David Salle is an American Postmodern painter, printmaker, photographer, and stage designer. Salle was born in Norman, Oklahoma, and lives and works in East Hampton, New York. He earned a BFA and MFA from the California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, California, where he studied with John Baldessari.




Rinus Van de Velde • On Another Plane of Existence




Sterling Ruby: TURBINES

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Chun Kwang Young: Times Reimagined


Chun Kwang Young: Times Reimagined is a Collateral Event of the 59th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia. Supported by the Boghossian Foundation, the exhibition Chun Kwang Young: Times Reimagined presents the aesthetics of the Korean artist at the Palazzo Contarini Polignac during the 59th Biennale of Venice. The exhibition is curated by Yongwoo Lee, and includes 40 large-scale mulberry-paper reliefs, sculptures, and installations by Chun. Chun Kwang Young is known for his work with Hanji, Korean mulberry paper. Chun Kwang Young: Times Reimagined / Palazzo Contarini Polignac, Venice. Venice (Italy), April 24, 2022.


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