Fcukers - Homie Don't Shake




Cruel Santino - BEAUTIFUL NOTHING (ft. Gus Dapperton)

Visual world of final heaven. Subaru Boys! Experimental vision of analog and digital vibrations with our amazing team. Experimental reshoots with a use of 6 different cameras, analog screens, 3D transformations, custom 3D frames transformed through reshoots, light layering, printing patterns etc. Huge thanks to Santi for the initiative. Messages through textures and colors. 1-10 - documentation: Mixed media team: Concept: @cruelsantino @savemymind Creative direction: @savemymind @stukovnikov Editing: @stukovnikov @wildkuhn CGI Artists: @wies _boy @razdor.art Analog reshoots: @stukovnikov Mixed Media Artists: @renard oui @po.sox Producer: @sinyusofia Postproduction Producer: @vilchinskii Titles: @wies.




Mc Sene4ka - Let’s break

Assistance: Даниил Цветков Artist Management: Егор Михеев, Ася Юдина Edit: Дмитрий Стуковников, Сергей Звягин Second Camera: Олег Кольский FPV drone: Владимир Терентьев Color Grading: Никита Вильчинский Set-design: Алексей Белых Lights: Алексей Салтыков Scout location: Рома Верш, Артемий Битный Bus driver: Кожаров Алексей Titles: Никита Нелихов




Bon Entendeur - Basta Cazzate

Directrice de producQon- Lisa ABOUCAYA Assistante de producQon - Morgane MAZURIER Chef opérateur - Nicolas PRADEAU 1st AC - Camille GROSCARRET Drone - Ilan BRAKHA 1ère assistante réalisatrice - Mariane ARNOULD Fixeur – Carlo BOLZONI Régisseur - Manfredi SPAGNOLI Machiniste - Alessio ABATE Styliste - Marina MONGE Assistante styliste - Emeline DEVENDEVILLE Chef maquilleuse - O@avia MIRAGLIA Assistante maquillage - Flavia FIORE Montage - ClémenQne FRIOT Étalonneur - Yanis AARROUF




Peggy Gou - Lobster Telephone

Production Company: ProdCo Founding Partners / EPs: Ian Pons Jewell & Zico Judge Producer: Theo Hue Williams Director of Photography: Guiseppe Favale Post Producer: Ann Mykhailenko Commissioner: Scott Wright Production Service Spain: Blur Executive Producer: Verónica Palés Producer: Blanca Cividanes Production Manager: Marc A. Martinez Production Coordinator: Maria Sanz Production Assistant: Sofía Navarro DA: Nestor Benedini VIP Coordinator: Beto Canut Runners: Carlos Marcenaro, Igor Szpakowski, Sandro Mann, Joao Viegas,Milan Mitrovic, Andreas Halastanis, Olamide Adisa, Alexander Vilalta Choreographer: Elena Marín Art Department Production Designer: Teresa Montanuy Art assistant: Helena Giner Stand-by props: Juan Thielen & Nauel Groppo Edit House: Cabin Edit EP: Hope DuHaime Editor: Dylan Edwards Colour House: ETC Colourist: Andi Chu VFX: Disguys Post Producer: Théo Dubreuil Lead comp artist: Nolann Blettner Comp Artist : Noémie Bernard, Hilmi Ossor, Antoine Danion Additional VFX Telitsyn Dmytro Kostiantyn Kokariev Sound Design House: No 8 London EP: Karen Noden Sound Engineer: James Everett Wardrobe Stylist: Carolina Galiana Stylist Assistants: Mora Giordana, Isabella Innocenzi, María Aznar, Jon Mikel del Valle Hair & Make Up Muah Artist: Patrick Glatthaar & Pepa Perea Makeup Assistant: Estefanía González Hair: Hyungsun Ju Manicure: Alma Basciano 1st AD: Lucas Cuevas Camera 1st AC: Adrián Rodríguez 2nd AC: Andrea Campillo VTR: Roger Vilà DIT: Ibon Esparza Steady Cam: Alberto Ojeda Steady Cam Assist: Miguel Rodríguez Camera Truck: Sergio Gómez Lighting Gaffer: Javi Vázquez Best Boy: Jordi Biosca García Sparks: Alex Gracià Badia Genny: Cristobal Marin Castro Lighting Truck: Antonio Bernabe Gracia Grip Key Grip: Dani de Juan Grip: Erik Guinez & Rodrigo Álvares FX: Inextremis Film Services Sound Technician: Nicolás Celery




Jamie xx - Life feat. Robyn




CARIBOU - Broke My Heart




Rumania - Imán & Cósima

Dirección de fotografía y color: Ivan Palazzo Caputo Asistente de dirección: Ezequiel Raad Asistente de cámara: Ramiro Gossn Foto fija: Fiona Saftich Diseño de tapa: Cósima Fricke Maquillaje: Makeup by Tiago Vestuario: Miuki Madelaire




Justice - Neverender (Starring Tame Impala)

Made with electric signal on a 1981 oscilloscope




Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger




KREAM - Arrakis




Max Cooper - Cardano Circles

Warning: Contains flashing images Max Cooper: Recently I was asked to make a new live show based around Italy for a festival with that theme, so I delved into some historic Italian music and science for the Seme (Seed) project. One idea I came across was Gerolamo Cardano’s “Cardano Circles” system from around 1570. I love how it continuously turns straight lines into circles (it was part of early printing press technology). I wanted to present variants of this idea and started chatting to animator / coder Mario Carrillo about a video sequence, while I also came up with a musical interpretation. The music was an attempt at a simple beautiful system in line with the basic visual system we were working with. When the music was ready Mario took the visuals into beautiful new realms building on the initial idea, and we chatted a lot about how to connect his various visual systems to the Cardano Circles, and provide lots of opportunity for getting lost in some beautiful emergent abstraction. So yeah, that’s it for this one, I hope you enjoy it, thanks for having a look and a listen as always. Video artist: Mario Carrillo The concept known as “Cardano Circles”, named after the Italian mathematician Gerolamo Cardano, involves arranging circles in a straight line, each at varying angles, and traversing this alignment at different phases. Depending on the number of circles and the phase angle, this mechanism results in circular motion emerging from what would otherwise be linear movement.This simple and yet elegant concept evolved into a visual system designed to explore the aesthetic possibilities inherent in the idea. What if motion and color persist over time, giving rise to new emergent forms? What if varying the phase angle produces shapes beyond circles? And what if these circles were arranged in a grid rather than a Cardano system, numbering in the tens of thousands that swarm new patterns? The sequence unfolds, at times echoing the Cardano motif, to remind us of the foundational structure from which everything stems. Cardano Circles is a fusion of music, technology, and mathematics to craft a captivating abstraction of an age-old mechanical concept. It was a pleasure to work in synergy with Max as we blended our ideas throughout the process — we sincerely hope you find as much joy in experiencing it as we did in creating it.

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