MAFF ♥s 🇬🇪: Nika Qutelia

Georgian artist working in the direction of digital art. In the past, the artist was actively involved in music, soon decided to devote himself entirely to visual art, from collages on a mobile device to abstract 3D renders. He calls his self-expression "Phantom bridges between the past and the future." Through his works, the artist shows a subtle connection between violent fantasy and everyday reality, between innermost memories and our self.




Rusudan Khizanishvili : Velvet Armor

Velvet Armor, a solo exhibition by the Tbilisi, Georgia-born female artist Rusudan Khizanishvili (1979-). Khizanishvili, whose practice is influenced by an array of themes, including architecture, mythology, selfhood, and womanhood, explores the ways in which art connects us to the world beyond our introspective selves. As hinted by the exhibition's title, Velvet Armor — Khizanishvili's Korean debut — stands for the soft yet potent power of women. She veers away from portraying women as solely beautiful and romanticized subjects, a trope often found in pre-modern art. Instead, she vividly expresses their vibrant energy, painting them as strong, occasionally eccentric figures. This emphasis on female strength is a recurring theme in Khizanishvili's work, demonstrating her belief that "armor" is not designed to segregate us from our adversaries but rather to embrace them. Accompanying Khizanishvili's pieces, a work by Saeng Kwang Park (1904-1985) is featured in the exhibition, drawing a parallel between Georgia and Korea. Through Park's vibrant pentachromatic portrayal of Korean folklore and shamanism, Khizanishvili discerns resonances with her practice. The cross-cultural dialogue between the distinctively Korean elements in Park's work and the traditional Georgian context of Khizanishvili's pieces invites contemplation of the convergences among diverse cultures.




“How can I endure solitude in the month of blossom” by Irma Sharikadze

Music: Giorgi Shamanauri Cast: Irma Sharikadze /Salome Paghava/ Saba Assistant /Mariam Lebanidze "How can I endure solitude in the month of blossom" Film by Irma Sahrikadze exciting performance, at the intersection of a conceptual art, music and fashion, celebrating the distinctive character of the Georgian cultural and visual identity and the typical beauty and mysteries of a Georgian women. Renowned Georgian visual artist, photographer and designer, Irma Sharikadze, creates unique design concepts that merge the past and present of the Georgian history. Her fashion brand 'Maison Irma de Flore' revitalises the ancient cultural heritage of clothes, sewing technics and textiles. Working with antique suppliers in Tbilisi and the regions, she is reusing high-quality silk for her luxury brand to design sustainable collection and one-off pieces, creating modern, colorful and feminine silhouettes. Renowned Georgian visual artist, photographer and designer, Irma Sharikadze, creates unique design concepts that merge the past and present of the Georgian history. Her fashion brand 'Maison Irma de Flore' revitaliz ses the ancient cultural heritage of clothes, sewing technics and textiles. Working with antique suppliers in Tbilisi and the regions, she is reusing high-quality silk for her luxury brand to design sustainable collection and one-off pieces, creating modern, colorful and feminine silhouettes.




Tadáskía's monumental wall drawing in progress

In this timelapse, watch the artist Tadáskía produce an expansive wall drawing in response to the blank gallery space. For "Projects: Tadáskía,” the artist's first solo exhibition in the United States, she worked at MoMA over the course of several weeks, drawing directly on the wall using charcoal. She invited a team of coloring assistants to help fill in her drawing with colors chosen from her kaleidoscopic palette of dry pastels. Color is fundamentally important to the artist's practice. As Tadáskía has explained, "When I was drawing, my mother, Elenice Guarani, and my aunt, Gracilene Guarani, who are both Black, Afro-Indigenous women, told me to add more color because color is life."





“Only a single bird is singing. The air echoes it. We hear through mirrors.”




Inside the Studio: Kasper Sonne on his new paintings in 'Last Goodbye'

We are pleased to present Last Goodbye, the debut solo exhibition of our newly represented artist Kasper Sonne. From his Brooklyn studio of ten years to his childhood home that he lived in again upon returning to Denmark, the paintings in Last Goodbye depict physical places that carry a meaningful significance to Kasper Sonne. Whether these places are attached to emotions that are positive, melancholic, or somewhere in between, the works immortalize evocative memories wherein he also seeks closure. The cathartic process of painting them presented a salutary last goodbye, and, similarly to the nature of the eponymous song by Jeff Buckley which inspired the exhibition’s title, there remains a nostalgic affinity for these places. The source materials used in the paintings are comprised of personal images from his archive from the last 15 years. Like a collage, he pieces together various fragments to create a single image, and never paints directly from a photograph. He writes, “I’m not interested in depicting reality - I’m interested in visualizing a mood…to me there’s obviously a clear connection between all my works. I don’t wish to reveal too much about my personal motivations, as I want the viewer to be able to make their own interpretations - but perhaps my interests can be identified as a fascination with the destructive elements in man and nature, combined with an overall feeling of displacement and melancholy.” Kasper Sonne (b. 1974 Copenhagen, Denmark) graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation in 2000 and has for the past fifteen years been living and working between Copenhagen and New York. With roots in design and graffiti, Kasper Sonne spent years making large, bold figurative paintings, before turning to abstraction to fully explore the qualities of medium, without being beholden to narrative. Throughout his practice, Sonne has continuously investigated the way we interpret our surroundings and make sense of the world we live in by purposefully constructing and deconstructing reality. His works are included in several public collections such as Fuban Art Foundations in Taiwan, David Roberts Art Foundation in London and HEART Museum in Herning, Denmark.




Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili "Verkleidung"

Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili presents an ensemble of large-scale, quasi-abstract, almost diaphanous photographic images specifically developed for the outdoor context of the back wall of Kunsthalle Basel. The images are, as with so much of the Georgian-born artist’s practice, a mix of straight photographs, composite images created by superimposing photographic negatives, and explosions of chroma produced in darkroom processes. Here her images are printed on a PVC mesh often used to conceal building scaffolding. They expand the artist’s persistent interest in looking, deftly, at the minutia of everyday life as it is captured and shot through with transparency and light. The project is made possible through the generous support of HEIVISCH, with in-kind support from the Stadtreinigung, Tiefbauamt Basel-Stadt. Video by Nefeli Chrysa Avgeris (nefeliavgeris.com) Color Grading: Christian Taro Produced by Kunsthalle Basel




Pushwagner: Soft City

Since the 1960s, the Norwegian artist Hariton Pushwagner (Oslo 1940) has produced a body of work with a gloomy vision of the future. Following a productive period, Pushwagner’s life and career suffered a downward spiral in the 1980s and 1990s due to the artist’s dependence on drink and drugs. He has enjoyed a revival since 2008, followed by a solo exhibition in MK Gallery and Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. MK Gallery director Anthony Spira gives a short introduction on the work of this mysterious artist.




Cornelia Baltes - EIGEN + ART Lab

At EIGEN + ART Lab, Berlin




MAFF ♥s 🇳🇴🇱🇰: Eigenbrötler

All production is made in Norway, and the entire business operates from one studio in a small town, an hour's drive from Oslo. Wherever possible, the sourcing is kept close to Norway to reduce the carbon footprint of importing far distances. EIGENBRÖTLER is a brand and creative outlet by Ishara Jayathilake. Having finished her MA at Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Ishara has created EIGENBRÖTLER as a way to make things that stand by her values and offer a slow, local, artistic alternative that is built to cherish. Ishara Jayathilake was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 1991. Ishara graduated with a BA (Hons) degree (1st class Honors) in Fashion Design from Northumbria University, United Kingdom having completed a course of study from 2011 to 2014 at the Academy of Design (AOD) International Campus in Sri Lanka.




MAFF ♥s 🇳🇴🇪🇹: Margaret Abebe Abeshu

Margaret Abeshu (b. 1990) is an interdisciplinary designer from Ethiopia and is currently based in Oslo. She's the present & future of where art meets fashion.

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Ana Montiel | INITIATION


OMR presents INITIATION, a 3 stage evolutionary exhibition by Ana Montiel as her first solo show with the gallery. An extensive overlaying of pigments covers the gallery’s exhibition space like an expansive wave that irradiates from the artworks of this project. This clear imprint of the work that Ana Montiel (Spain, 1981) has been realizing over the past few weeks, beyond accentuating the immersive character of her painting style, turns the viewer into a witness of her exhaustive production process. With this gesture, the artist’s habitual hermeticism she tends to work with from her studio is vulnerated, raising a series of underlying topics in her work that have not yet been posted in such an open manner. The project is divided into 3 stages, each lasting one month: Departure, Limbo, and Transfiguration. The three distinct phases allude to Joseph Campbell’s hero myth: The hero departs toward a new adventure, its initiation, and finally, the hero’s return to their village as a transformed being and the conflict this entails. This archetypical structure is shared in multiple cultures’ narratives and seized by Montiel to explore her own journey. An initiatory journey tangled with deep thresholds and existential questions. The search for the sublime merges with a partial understanding of psychedelics, botanical studies, sexuality, the cosmos, science, shamanism, paganism, love, or nostalgia for a nomadic past. The artist works on the idea of myth under a Jungian tradition: as a psychic phenomenon that reveals the soul’s nature. INITIATION reminds us that we are in continuous transformation, praising and magnifying it through the use of symbols and perceptual stimuli. It helps us question what we know and to stop denying other kinds of wisdom. To open ourselves up to other possibilities of being without acting condescendingly toward what we do not understand, what we do not want to see or are terrified to accept. In a perpetual search, Ana Montiel will continue working in OMR’s exhibition space throughout the 3 stages, fading all traces of their beginning or end. In constant recalibration, mimicking the Earth’s magnetic poles. The artist visualizes her journey through a misty walk as a circular river, which its grooves generously widen at each turn.



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