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Tadao Andō / "a short film of light & shadow"

This is a personal 3d animation based on works by the architect Tadao Andō. The idea is to explore the behavior of light and shadow in some of his minimalist projects. Music: Grass (Silent Partner)





Shot in Dakar, Senegal MEMORIES OF WHAT BECAME A DESERT depicts two people who are scared to face their unbridgeable emotional distance. Through dance, language and space it explores the growing separation between its protagonists. Starring: Shelly Ohene-Nyako, Babacar Mané Music composition: Ilias Kampanis Voice recording: Samia Sayah




Byredo | Bal d’Afrique





In the heart of a bustling nightclub, where the thick air is pressing itself on glasses full of booze and enthralled faces, a love story unfolds. We experience the highs and lows before the harsh truth of reality brings us back. Starring: Ella Morgen Noah Tinwa Eef Andriessen Zoe Kimbwaka Samuel Efe Andrew Kwaku-Opoku Costume Design: Anna Mercedes Bongers, Simon Folkert Hair & Make-Up: Alexandra Johansson, Felicitas Barth Stills: Andre Josselin, Vasi Lisa Blue Casting Director: Nadine Juntke Additional Casting: Bobby Dazzler Concept: Tabea Pick, Marie Zeidler 1st AD: Julius Wieler 2nd AD: Zoe Heimann 3rd AD: Elias Ben Dahhou Production Manager: Marie-Estelle Laudenbach Service Producer: Alexander Peschke, Jona Riese Production Assistant: Charlize Frey 1st AC: Julien Bauer 2nd AC: Johann Oeding DIT: Matthis Maier Steadycam Operator: Max Egner Gaffer: Peter Assmann Best Boy: Sina Eslami Electricians: Tim Boller,Bernard Ferreira, Axel Schrepel Key Grip: Elia Gasparinatos Grip: Vincent Netzer, Lennard Uothweith Set Decorator: Emma Sophie Schaub Foley Artist & ADRs: Thore Kühl Production sound mixer: Tim Reckley Partner: KnowDrugs / Philipp Kreicarek Campaign: MDCT AG Managing Director: Wolfgang Benz Account Management: Ines Harer Senior Art Director: Andreas Drosdz Art Director: Isabella Witzany-Wokalek Strategy & Concept: Dennie Pfau Head of Creative Copy & Text: Jessica Schweinoch Senior Social Media Management: Hanna Weil, Amelie Bußmann Head of Digital: Paul Krauss Frontend Developer: Kai Wieland Database Integration: Stefan Schuster




The Machine Stops

Set in a world where the majority of the human population has lost the opportunity to live on the Earth’s surface, individuals now dwell in isolated underground rooms, with their physical and spiritual needs managed by the omnipotent Machine, created by humanity to sustain its population. However, the role of the machine is now being questioned. Eventually, the Machine collapses, leading to the downfall of “civilization” itself. Genial found this topic inspiring and chose to interpret it in a deeply personal manner. As a young boy discovers a way to introduce a flower into the machine, the system starts to break down, triggering a transformative event and inspiring a fresh start for a natural world. creative technologist Rémi Grosson @mire.dev mix Loris Bernot @lorisbernot line producer Gaelle Bijani @agentbadkitty production manager Laura Alday @sol_____eil Joana Dacheville @joana_dacheville Agathe Philipart @agathephilippart assisted by Leo Rouault @leorouault producer Sylvain Obriot @sylvainobriot 2D artist Quentin Kadlub @barbiche_quentin colorist Baptiste Vieillard @baptistevieillard edit assist. Romain Beltran @romainbebel Raphael Perez @raphael_perez_de_barradas post production Everest Lab @evrstlab creative director Florent Canale @anomaly_spectre lead supervisor Thomas Espinosa @thomas_espinosa 3D artist Victor Jonckheere @briquetagram post producer Sonlan Tran @sonlan_pics models Ajuma @ajumanasanyana, Nyadeng @nyandeng_makur Robin @robinterzone, Ajak @ajakdengchol, Eduarda @bretaseduarda casted by Maria Pablo Feliz @aurevoirlami voice over Christopher Taylor @christophermtaylor Lauren Marshall @itslaurenmarshall casted by Charley’s angels @charleys_angels_voices 1st assistant director Balthazar Blanlot @jean_sanspeur 1st assistant caméra François Pallud – pas d’instagram key grip Dino Fey @dinofey assisted by Léa Sorrenti @leasorrenti key electro Louis Jamaux @siuol_xuamaj assisted by Hubert Eudeline @hubert.edl steadycamer Matias Sahnoune @matiashnn makeup artist Axelle Jérina @snakeyez assistant makeup artist Ophélie Mirambeau @mirambeau.ophelie_mua agent makeup and hair artist Louise Aguilar @louiseoffduty hair artist Gor Duryan @gorgeousduryan nail artist Magda S @nailsbymagda.s set designer Clément Pelisson @accoudoir assisted by Paul Thomas @paulplehrthomas Samuel Bardaji @samuel.bardaji Maud Guyon @maud_guyon flower artist Garden of Bruce @gardenofbruce scan Scan Engine @scanengine making off Marthe Pitous @la_machu type designer Yann Linguinou @yannlgn script advisor Toby Merrington @toby_merrington





Coming back to his hometown in hopes of reconnecting with his past, a young man encounters the place completely stopped in time. Moving through the familiar streets, memories disorient him as he faces what he once left behind. De retour dans sa ville natale qu’il avait quitté, Victor retrouve les rues familières figées dans le temps. En croisant ses souvenirs, il doit se confronter aux raisons réelles de son départ. _________________________________ Directors / Réalisateurs·trices : Manon CANSELL, Alejandra GUEVARA CERVERA, Edward KURCHEVSKY, Francisco MOUTINHO DE MAGALHÃES, Hortense MARIANO Team contact / Contact de l’équipe : vagues@gobelins.fr Soundtrack / Musique : Arthur DAIRAINE ANDRIANAIVO Sound design / Montage sonore : Nadège FEYRIT Mix / Mixage : Cédric DENOOZ Production : GOBELINS, l'école de l'image - Moïra MARGUIN : mmarguin@gobelins.fr Distribution : Miyu Distribution - Luce GROSJEAN : festival@miyu.fr




The Video Story

Vartan Avakian 2015 Video Courtesy of the artist Produced by The Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts (Ashkal Alwan) He bought a video camera in 1983, and nothing has been the same since. “Films are reality”, he told me. Some years later he asked for Nicole Ballan’s leaked sextape.




Josef Albers: The Magic of Color

For the artist Josef Albers, every color has the power to change every other color placed next to it. Through his paintings, he sought to explore how colors would interact in the most active way to have an effect on the viewer. Brenda Danilowitz, Chief Curator of the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, examines numerous paintings, visits the site where Josef and Anni Albers stayed on their first night in the United States, and uncovers artifacts from Albers' career in the foundation's archive.





; A visual representation of my state of mind at age 23.




Funky Kids of Dakar




Atlantics (2019) Clip - Mati Diop

In a popular suburb of Dakar, workers on the construction site of a futuristic tower, without pay for months, decide to leave the country by the ocean for a better future. Among them is Souleiman, the lover of Ada, promised to another.

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An Ode to Lobster Love


Actor and Vogue cover star Emma Corrin appears in a short film, directed by Scott Sternberg, that charts a very unlikely love affair. Fashion Editor: Alex Harrington Makeup Artist: Dick Page Hair Stylist: Jimmy Paul Entertainment Director, Vogue: Sergio Kletnoy Creative Editorial Director: Mark Guiducci ACs: Grace Pendleton, Mars Alba Gaffer: Julia Gowesky Hair Stylist Assistant: Tomoko Kuwamura Tailor: Hailey Desjardins Stylist assistants: Megan Soria, Marley Cohen COVID Compliance Officer: Caris Vujcec Filmed on Location: Pacific Aquarium, Il Posto Accanto, Happy Paws, Ed's Lobster Bar, Riverside Park, Washington Square Park Production Coordinator: Ava Kashar Production Manager: Kit Fogarty Senior Director, Production Management: Jessica Schier Post-Production Coordinator: Andrea Farr Director of Content, Vogue: Rahel Gebreyes Senior Director, Programming, Vogue: Linda Gittleson VP, Digital Video Programming and Development,Vogue (English Language): Joe Pickard

Associate Director
Executive Producer
Post Producer



Scott Sternberg is an American fashion designer, photographer and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, California. Scott Sternberg was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio.

Taylor Horne is an American visual artist who combines photography, set design, and fabrication. He began with a formal education in black and white film photography, but growing up building things led him to expand his career into art direction and set design. His fascination with creating environments led him to work under set designer Mary Howard and production designer Richard Hoover.

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