"I am Pascal Wiemers, born 1996 in my mothers homeland Papua New Guinea and raised by my german father and mother in Germany (Bonn & Halle (Saale)) and Austria (Vienna). I love aesthetic things and so it was no coincidence that I picked up my fathers DSLR by the age of 10 to experiment. From there on I started learning everything about photography, image retouching and graphic design. Some time went by when I stumbled upon a free 3d software called blender, I started to learn as much as possible during my school time to create images that would be pretty and at the same time represent the ideas that I had in my head at the time. I published my work and soon got jobs for project in 3d, graphic design and photography. "

SELAM X is more a gaming clan than a soccer team. We believe in collaboration and synergies. Our creative habitat is in Music, Art, Fashion, Lifestyle and (Real-Time) Performance. Growth mindset is crucial to us, Gen X — Gen Z. Our work ranges from Creative Direction and Visual Identity to Animation, Web Design and Development and Digital Art.

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