Xiao Han

Xiao Han is a film director and editor. Xiao tells visual stories that convey the perspectives of his generation and enjoys collaborations with artists in diverse realms, in which he appreciates the opportunity to explore innovations in filmmaking.

Role: director




Flutter is an experimental ambient track for acoustic cello and electronics by MIZU, from her upcoming album Forest Scenes - releasing 3/22. “Flutter” celebrates and juxtaposes themes of exploration within constraint, limitlessness within seeming limits, and the resilience of independent voices against unknown textures. Exploring the dynamics between contrasting elements (symbolized by the characters of White and Black), within the atmospheric presence of a cello, we embark on a quest for understanding through movement and performance. Embodied by two queer Asian performers, the journey is an ode to self-acceptance and transformation. A lone cello, elevated to the status of a spiritual object, acts as a silent witness and catalyst, summoning the protagonists together within a mysterious void space. In the later shift to the reality world, we are revealed to be within an empty rehearsal studio, where the characters’ movements echo from prior, reaching for an ever unattainable ideal. The void space and its real-world parallel become a figurative forest, spaces for exploration of self through elements of performance and movement. The video charts the personal connections to performance of both protagonists; MIZU’s musical origins lying within the realms of musical theater, and Zhou’s current experimental practice being rooted within their drama background. Bringing together two performers of diverse practices, “Flutter” is an ode to the mysterious magic within the crossroads of the world of theater. 2nd AC / Trainee - Noah Gravillis Gaffer - Ian Chen Grip - Aldo Vassallo Wardrobe - Alice Seon Makeup Artist - Shamis McGillin Editor - Mason CW Graphic Design - Daedalus Li Song Credits Composed, performed, and recorded by: MIZU Mixing and additional production: Ariel Loh Mastered by: Taylor Deupree/12k Mastering @ Additional production: Ben Shirken




FiFi ZHANG - Nobody

1st AC/KG: Tommy Chan Gaffer: David Woon BBG: Sam Stulin Grip: Peter Zhao Grip: Zoe Chen MUA: Shoko Sawatari Styling assistant: SJ Zhang Production Assistant: Mugsy VFX Assistant: Peilin Li




FiFi ZHANG - So Beautiful So Lonely

Gaffer: Shawn Zhang




Maomao - 2 0 (Visualizer)

Born in Beijing and raised in upstate New York, Maomao’s musical approaches hold a ambient, downtempo sound that fuses elements of dream pop/post rock with synth-heavy cinematic compositions. The narrative aspects of his work are heavily influenced by his background as a filmmaker and film composer. UPM: Tian Zhao Assistant Camera:George Du, Allie Lacono Grip: Ruchit Negotia





If you don't know NY-based, Chinese designer, Terrence Zhou, get to it. The Parsons graduate has been on on the rise since his balloon dresses went viral. Additional Credits Makeup artist: Kento Utsubo Makeup assistants: Juna Uehara, Jianqiao Lu Hair Stylist: Chika Nishiyama Design assistants: Jiaqi Shen, Max Sperber Handbag Collaborator: Andree Hau Yin Kong Assistant Camera: Isabella Granada Art Team: Linna Zhou, Li Nan Gaffer: Steven Baerga Grip: Tony Dong, Owen Zhang

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