Wong Ping

A comedian and artist based in Hong Kong, Wong Ping has developed a highly personal, self-taught style of animation to craft tales of individual desire, societal pressure, and political upheaval.

Role: director



Wong Ping’s Fables 2 / 黃炳寓言 (二)

Chapter 1: Cow accidently become super rich after years in jail on rioting charges. Cow now consider how to spread the blessing with all beings. Chapter 2: The con-jointed rabbit family was living below the poverty line. The family of five have to toil all day long but still cannot live from hand to mouth. An incident in Easter, the rabbit family was ruined. Commissioned and premiered at Kunsthalle Basel, Switzerland, 2019.




Who’s the daddy 你要熱烈地親親爹哋

MATURE. :< A Tinder tragedy. :0 An unexpected child. ;( A journey finding my root of shame. Video made for WongPing's second solo exhibition at Edouard Malingue gallery in 2017.




Jungle of desire 慾望

An impotent husband, an unsatisfied wife and a megalomaniac policeman. A perfect ecosystem in the concrete jungle. The jungle where you can truly face your lust with no moral laws. Inspired by true stories: prostitutes thrilled by the undercover police to provide free sexual service is happening everyday.

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