Vincent Fleischmann

Role: editor



Jack Bartman • Buckle Winter

Buckle Winter was born from a desire to discover a changing country : Ghana and it’s people. The goal was to paint an accurate picture, showing the hope and energy of the youth, but also the harsh realities, like the difficult region of Agbogbloshie in Accra. It’s a country of contrast, held between a luxurious natural environment, and an exponentially growing economy. The decision to use 16mm film brought about strength and a special esthetic to the project, which was a goal from its inception. The sensitivity, reel burns and irregularities of the film are a powerful metaphor for the thin bridge between humankind and its natural environment. "





"In my eyes, all of the sincerities and things with a desire to express for themselves can be contextualized in the word “high-end”, because it has an effect on our emotions." With Jū Xiǎowén for Dazed China.

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