Tsz-wing Ho

Role: visuals



Max Cooper - Pulse at the Centre of Being

Max Cooper: This piece of music was a mechanism to reset to what felt like some core state. It was the feeling of being, minus all the mess that gets added over the years, and I tried to communicate that childlike aspect to it as honestly as I could. So, it’s a very simple piece of music, and one where I’ve added a lot of space around the core pulse so that it’s soft and wraps around you as the listener. The visual reference I had for the project was a pulsing core of our perception of feeling at the centre of our body. Tsz-wing explored the idea with hand drawn animations, playing on the ideas of simple human expression, with pulsing growth stemming from our skeletal structure as some sort of source of our experience. It’s a chapter of the story where we escape the more troubled self-analysis of earlier sections and set the scene for the ending. The spatial audio mix with Joe Wilkinson follows the theme of a central pulse, expanding and pulsing towards and past us as the listener, when the person on screen starts to grow outwards.

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