Tomas Wells




Unsex Me

Following a group of friends to underground sex party Death of Glitter, Badenhorst explores themes of sexual liberation and captures the raw energy of the night. Camera Assistant and Lighting - Jason Prins Second cam VHS - Jason Prins, Brandon Blight & Farai Engelbrecht Production Assistant - Jade Frankel Make-up artist - Mary-Ann Martin Soundtracks: ‘Bruise’ ‘Fake it’ - Maxime Alexander CAST Nelson Menell, Bianca Oosthuizen, Farai Engelbrecht, Megan Theron, Tazme Pillay & other INSTALLATIONS Lindsey Raymond, Joshua Biggs, Marianne Thesen-Law, Annie Brookstone, Shaheed Sedgwick, Kyle Strydom, Kayo-Fay Tilley, Robyn Raymond, Lenina Parker, Luvuyo Equiano Nyawose & Saif x Carbon x Shiraz

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