The Glad Scientist

The Glad Scientist (b. Daniel Sabio) is a Puerto Rican conceptual new media artist. Their work primarily focuses on performance and installation arts and is driven by a research-based approach balanced with an understanding of emotional and transformational responses to an art experience. The results range from Virtual Reality audiovisual performances and multichannel sound installations to brain/heart controlled artworks and video game experiences, with the specific medium being a reflection of the concept of that work. Despite using new technologies in the production of their art, their creations commonly question technology’s relationship with humanity, and explore ideas that challenge the bounds of an observer’s philosophical grounding and universal view. In recent years, the artist’s work has been welcomed at international festivals and symposiums including ISEA (International Symposium of Electronic Art), SXSW (South by Southwest), Bass Coast Festival, VRHAM!, FILE (Festival Internacional de Linguagem Eletrônica), Ars Electronica, and IAM Weekend, among others. It has been awarded placement in Oculus Launchpad, Art Omi:Music Fellowship, Berlin Sessions Residency, ARTnSHELTER AiR, and Zoo Labs Music Accelerator. As an organizer, they founded Art in Tech Atlanta, the city’s largest meetup for those at the intersection of art and technology. They also cofounded VLSC Records, an Internet based music label and audiovisual events organization. As a collaborator, they are an active member of Cosmic Lab in Osaka, Japan and contribute as needed to IMRSV in Berlin. Dissatisfied with the state of new media art and its diversity, the artist’s current mission is the demasculinization of the genre in a self transformational way. As of 2020, this has resulted in the artist’s refusal of physical skin in favor of representation by solely a digital 3D form that more accurately represents their non-binary and nonlinear existence.

Role: director



Bloodslide - How Glad I Am




Bloodslide - MVP

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