Temi Evo

Role: cinematographer



Ashley Okoli | MAFF Tour Lagos (Episode 3)

When you think of Lagos fashion, think Ashley Okoli. The self-made stylist, designer and creative director made her own path, never assimilating to more conservative Nigerian fashion norms. Okoli introduced a more grunge and gothic style, sharing her outfits of the day on Instagram back in 2016. Despite early naysayers, Okoli pushed through, and was a heavyhitter in the alté fashion movement which lead her to dress the likes of name like Little Simz, Obongjayar, and Arya Starr, to name a few. In short, Ashley's a risk taker and paved her own path for a scene that didn't exist.




Sheila Chukwulozie | MAFF Tour Lagos (Episode 1)

Our travels take us to Lagos, Nigeria, where we catch up with performance artist, Sheila Chukwulozie. Sheila is a performance artist whose work spans across dance to filmmaking and writing. Sheila's creative outputs are deeply rooted in a spiritual foundation, attuned to the emotions within and around her. Her work has been shown across Nigeria, Ghana, England, Germany, South Africa, Czech Republic and USA. She has worked both on and off screen for art films, music videos and other moving image productions. From August 2017- August 2018, she travelled as a Thomas J Watson fellow studying with traditional mask makers and cloth weavers in eight African countries. Her installation at the Johannesburg Art Fair “Thanks Xenophobia” has been reviewed by Artnet, Frieze, Financial Times and other leading media houses. Her performance as the lead character in the film “Egungun” (dir. by Olive Nwosu) has been nominated for awards at the British Film Institute, TIFF International film festival, Aspen film festival and Sundance.

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