Taichi Kimura

Taichi is a Japanese film maker based in London. He moved to England on his own to study film-making aged 12 and has lived in UK ever since. Taichi’s unusual background creates a unique visual drawing inspiration from Japanese and British culture. After 3 years at college studying film & video, he started his career as a videographer, focusing on tour documentaries for musicians. He quickly built a strong reputation for himself within the music industry and became an official videographer for many artists from different genres including Chase & Status, Professor Green and The Chemical Brothers.

Role: director



BAD HOP - Foreign feat. YZERR & Tiji Jojo




China’s Youth Breaking Through The Great Firewall

Shanghai's bold new generation of artists, designers and musicians working their way around China's Great Firewall. With a strong focus on nurturing local sounds and producing new aesthetics, youth in China are determined, VPN-savvy and creatively thriving.




Lost Youth

Lost Youth is a film that exposes the darker side of Tokyo, exposing the true stories of youth in Japan. Unlike how Japanese cultures are famously exhibited to the world, the film displays a perspective rarely reported by the Japanese media due to political censorship. Some of its contents are disturbing and may appear controversial, but this is the reality and not something to hide from. Taichi adds: "I wanted to demonstrate why Japanese film makers should not be afraid of showing the truth, limiting their creativity as a result. I also wanted to change the Western world's glossed understanding of Tokyo by showing the true face of the city."





The official music video for "King" by GRADES.

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