SUPERFLEX is an expanding collective of humans and non humans working with an expanding idea of art.

Role: visuals



One Two Three Swing!

One Two Three Swing! is an installation of interconnected swings affixed to an orange steel line, extending beyond the gallery walls and stretching into the urban landscape and the wider world. The swings act as a human-powered pendulum, converting potential energy into shared movement. Swings are ordinarily meant for individual use, but in this work each swing can seat three people. Those on the swing must together utilise the force of gravity, building up to the instant where falling becomes flying and everyone moves together. In this playful moment, the energy of collective movement is released. One Two Three Swing! invites the audience to explore the power of play and the possibilities of collaboration – possibilities that are realised when we swing into motion together. The shared experience offered by the work may trigger reflections on broader issues such as democracy, collective action and social connectivity. In this sense, SUPERFLEX’s swings are more than just an opportunity for play, they are an experiment in activating collective energy – energy that can perhaps be channeled to change the course of the planet and our path as a society.

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