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At Standard Black, we pair inventive design with imaginative content to create innovative branding solutions. We’re dreamers and doers who believe that even the boldest ideas should be grounded in coherent strategies that captivate at first glance. We pride ourselves on our dynamic range of clients, who cross all categories but align in their commitment to the highest standards of brand excellence.

Role: creative director



Y-3 Autumn/Winter Campaign Film

Propelled by driving music and palpable suspense, the Y-3 A/W film mines data culture and portends a dystopian future on the other side of the ever-expanding surveillance boom. With characters who can't elude the peering cameras of a hacked security feed, it nods to the rift between security and surveillance and builds on Yohji Yamamoto’s famous belief in 'clothing as armor.' In a future where total exposure feels inevitable, maybe clothing really will be our final vestige of privacy. VFX Lead: John Shafto Lead Compositor: John Stanch Additional Design: Andrea Burrell

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