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An empty universe is a lonely place — even for a god. In a continuation of his explorations of the origins of Bumba, the vomiting creation god of Congo’s Bushongo mythology, Rich Mnisi takes us on a journey of self-discovery in SS22. This collection, Mafamba Yexe, finds its inspiration in a microscopic view of Bumba’s purge, made up of cells that, like so many others, split apart to multiply. Pain on the outside, pain on the inside, discomfort everywhere. From that discomfort, cells made echoes of their own likeness, and Bumba birthed the world. In every world, microscopic and universal, discomfort was the channel from loneliness to community. From strangeness to connection, to reflection, and eventually, to self-discovery. We return to vivid green, a grounding brand colour, meeting a fiery palette of yellows and reds across signature silhouettes. Abstract prints inspired by bacteria under a microscope creep across the body. Smooth and printed leathers lend lively tactility, while feathers offer a softer touch. Credits: Starring Aza Mhlana Christi-Ann Saaiman Kurt Anders Jono Lee Nicolas van Graan Abulele Ngcangata Antonia Julies Jade Daniels Focus Puller Ashley Smit Make-up & Hair Justine Alexander Producer Bradley Ndlovu Production Designer Mike Hillier & Rich Mnisi Edit Ross Hillier Location Scout Mike Hillier Music Que DJ - Mnisi Chant

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