Nuits Balnéaires

Nuits Balnéaires is an ivorian multidisciplinary visual artist, art director and poet based in Grand-Bassam. His rhizomatic practice explores territories and exile, the passage of time and nostalgia, the social structures and mechanisms that underpin the multiculturalism existing along the current Gulf of Guinea region. Over the years, his works have opened him to a new perspective of the collective imaginary of Côte d'Ivoire.

Role: director




A film by OHIRI. An underwater story. An offering to the legendary King Crocodile, a curated collection of body adornments by OHIRI Producer: OHIRI Assitant Director: Ayela Model: Abdel Doumbia Cinematographer: Wal Le Prince Underwater Cinematographer: Nadi Saddy Original Score: Sealmi Poem Author: Dozilet Kpolo Narrator: Prince Lyrics Poem Baule Translation: Prince Lyrics Poem English Translation: Nuits Balnéaires Lighting Assistant: Souleymane Sidibé Production Assistant: Christophe Kouassi Stylist: Akebehi Kpolo Set Design: Akebehi Kpolo Make Up Artist: Liesse Tiemoko, Sara Soumahoro Hairstylist: Dédé Soumahoro Editors: Wal Le Prince, Nuits Balnéaires Colorists: Wal Le Prince,Nuits Balnéaires

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