Nicola von Leffern

Role: director



HVOB - Bruise

We asked 12 people to dance their pain away In dance, soul becomes body. Whenever body and soul become one, the human being is ultimately vulnerable. We asked 12 people to dance their pain away. To overcome their fears, worries, shame. To give themselves freedom. No one is better or worse than the other, everyone is different, everyone has the liberty to be their true selves.




HVOB - Bloom (Fink Remix)

Skating is forbidden by the police in Uganda. They claim it is used as a tool for thugs and thieves, saying they use the skill of weaving through traffic to snatch things from cars and trucks. But for many young Ugandans it is passion, which provides a new sense of pride and self-expression. But a few youngsters who fell in love with the sport, started to use their skates to get around the city for free by holding on to the backs of minibuses or motorbikes on uphill sections and overtaking them on the downhill parts. This is how the filmmakers Nicola von Leffern & Jakob Carl Sauer first took notice of them, which ended in a film-like chase through all of Kampala. Brian (@brianclearlevel) from the Clear Level Crew invited them into his world. For him, skating is much more than a sport. It is a mindset.

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