Jacob Jonas

Role: choreographer



Patrick Watson - Can't Stop Staring At The Sun

Dancers: Anthony Bryant, Gianinni Semedo Moreira, Nicolas Walton




Max Cooper + Samad Khan - Movement Maps




Max Cooper ft Samad Khan - Weakness of the Flesh

From the Jacob Jonas Dance Company - Weakness of the Flesh Concrete, when dry, cemented and stuck. The body, delicate. When the mind is pushed, the potential of the defense system is revealed. Blank canvases and raw environments. The complexities of human nature exposed. Depth of understanding to the natural course. Societies normality can’t enslave us. The mind pushes to the body. The mind pushes towards the weak flesh. A rebound effect that continues. This is a universal temptation that repeats through time. Max Cooper: "This project from the Jacob Jonas dance company arrived via my long term collaborator and friend Kevin McGloughlin, already in a quite complete state, already full of mystery and humanity and an unusual intensity as carried by the project summary as well. My task was to score to the dance and visual interpretation, to add another mapping to the line of conception to choreography to dance to film to music. I ended up with a few different pieces from various attempts and reinterpretations, forming the maps EP which the first part of is released today with the film. My process for this main film track was to rely more heavily than usual on techniques where I could improvise in a dance-like manner. I tried to make the synths and the chimes follow the movements and feelings of the dance and be defined by it in arrangement. With detailings and textures following cues of the environment and visual treatment. I used a lot of binaural recordings of me scraping rough surfaces and other textural sounds linked to the sharp edits and points of human contact with the concrete. It was a part foley, part composition approach. It was a nice new way to write a piece of music for me, with some different musical results. The music was brought to life by the classical Indian vocalist and musician Samad Khan, whose powerful voice added another mapping to the sequence. And as with all the others, felt a very natural fit. Featuring Emma Rosenzweig-Bock





An intimate portrait of Danish-born dancer Toke Broni Strandby. Director NONO expertly visualizes the emotionally layered journey we endure to fulfill our dreams while exploring themes of identity, contemporary alienation, and acceptance. An inspiring story about triumph, Toke, is a celebration of the beautiful resilience of the human spirit. Featuring: Toke Broni Strandby Composed By: Paulo Gallo Costume Designer: Kazuya Kojima IN PARTNERSHIP WITH: Somewhere Magazine





Photographer and director Philip Edsel was commissioned by Sony to create a motion piece that put their all-new RX0 camera through it’s paces. The result is Parallax, a reference to both the physical perspectives with which the camera was used and the frenetic nature of relationships between two people.

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