Hilarius Jason




TOTON Spring/Summer 2021

As a nation rich in traditions, Indonesia also has a history of diverse spiritual views. TOTON Spring/Summer 2021 contemplates how beliefs and religions define the nation's cultural identity. Handmade paper clay sculptures in the shape of bodice plates inspired by Hindu and Buddhist artifacts are paired with silhouettes translated from traditional costumes of predominantly Muslim regions, Aceh and South Sulawesi. Samples of the collection are produced exclusively with materials available at the Studio. From scrap Neoprene fabrics from SS16, lace with kawung motifs from SS17, Lurik cloths from FW17, FW18 pleated organza to embroidered fabrics developed for the last collection. Techniques and applications previously explored are also revisited, such as macrame, scale-like wave details, and wood carving accessories that often adorn past collections. Directed by Beauty Direction by Yosefina Yustiani Music “Satu” and “Jiwa Di Atas Roda” by Svara Samsara

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