Gerónimo Tanoira

I'm a Creative Director born in the U.S and raised in Argentina, where I grew up in contact with nature, frequently traveling around the Province of Buenos Aires and Patagonia. I started developing a sharp eye as a kid painting landscapes, and later experimented with sound, recording alternative music. While studying subjects like art history, cinema, literature and anthropology during my years at College, I started looking for meaning in the complex world of images that surround us. I had the opportunity to be a student of renowned film directors like Werner Herzog and Lucrecia Martel, who inspired me to follow filmmaking as a way of life, caring for the visions arising from personal and collective experiences.

Role: director




Photography by Simón Colombo and Gerónimo Tanoira. With the participation of Bautista Bengolea, Agustín Miles and Pato Carrere. Music and foley by Geronimo Tanoira. Transfer by Leche. Monologue by Alan Watts in "Conversations with myself". Kodak Super 16mm film.

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