Gabriel Massan

Gabriel Massan (1996) is a Brazilian-born digital artist who lives in Berlin, Germany. His research is developed by narratives that works the relationship of dependence between fictional existences and digital environments, signifying the representations of color, identity and time.

Role: visuals







TYGAPAW - Diffusus

The mesmerising video by visual artist Gabriel Massan is inspired by TYGAPAW aka Dion McKenzie’s own painting entitled “meet us on the dance floor before the world ends”. About the piece, the artist says "I painted them during the pandemic after my 37. birthday in February. They are a symbol of rebirth for me as I begin act II in this life. My trans gender queer tubbies occupy a space in my fantasy where I tap into the joy of being ones true self, without the pressures of a society where the binary reigns supreme. My techno-tubbies are created in my image, their smile is my smile, their eyes, my eyes, I am them, they are me, their joy, my joy, they are limitless like me, like you.”

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