Emir Eralp

Emir is a London and Stockholm based film director.

Role: director



The tale of Cecilie Bahnsen

Step inside Cecilie Bahnsen's fantastical universe to see how the magic happensIn our exclusive video below, Cecilie Bahnsen takes Vogue Scandinavia inside her Copenhagen atelier.In it, we’re introduced to her team and meet her head of production Mailis Giros, her pattern maker Friederike Waschk, her design assistant Sandrine Tabarin and product development assistant Stine as we get an insight into the romantic atelier.“It’s a balance between the romantic and the simplistic,” she tells us of her fantastical, girlish garments, with signatures of puffed sleeves, empire waists and cutouts. Starring: Cecilie Bahnsen, Mailis Giros, Friederike Waschk, Sandrine Tabarin, Stine Nordsveen Models: Julie Garcia Alba Akvama

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