Diane Lac

Diane Lac (b. 1998 Orange County, CA) is a Vietnamese/Chinese photographer & director from currently living in Los Angeles. At the age of five, Diane began photographing her life with a small point and shoot camera that belonged to her father. Jumping back and forth from the fashion world to music video to fine arts, Diane believes in powerful and vulnerable storytelling of women, finding beauty in the mundane, combined with elements of her Chinese and Vietnamese ancestry.

Role: director




"We shot an experimental fashion visualizer on 16mm & 35mm film. This project was originally conceptualized as a metaphor for my angst as a freelance artist, in all its chaos and uncertainty. I believe in powerful yet vulnerable storytelling for women, of women, and by women." The story follows an Asian girl assassin who operates only at night. She is quick and innovative, and what she does, she does best: she’s a killer. But she flies a bit too close to the sun; she grows careless, she parties too hard, and the thrill of the money eclipses the risk of danger. She gets sloppy, but the jobs keep coming, and there is no one except herself to clean up the mess she leaves behind.

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